CCP is Investigating DHA for Monopolizing Internet and Telephony Services

Competition Commission of Pakistan has undertaken a case against DHA as it was allegedly found to be involved in anti-competitive practices of favoring one particular telecom company for the provision of internet, cable TV and telephony services in DHA sectors across Pakistan.

A CCP notice issued to DHA said that it received complaints from residents of DHA as they were not allowed to subscribe to ICT services of any company other than PTCL and DHA Teleman.

It must be mentioned here that CCP earlier conducted an inquiry on the current status of ICT services in DHA across the country and it was determined that DHA’s practices were monopolistic and against the law.

The commission, therefore, issued a show cause notice to DHA and asked the society to explain its position on the matter.


CCP Fines Bahria Town for Not Allowing Nayatel to Operate in It

CCP has also asked Nayatel to appear before the commission to record their viewpoint on the situation as they were not allowed to offer services in DHA phases.

It may be recalled that Bahria Town was fined Rs. 2 million for a similar case as it was prohibiting Nayatel from offering services in Phase 1 to Phase 6 in Rawalpindi.

It must be noted here that CCP takes months in deciding a case. In such scenarios, those DHA residents looking to get services from ISPs other than the allowed ones will have to wait for quite some time.

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  • Transworld is also providing service with the name of Transworld Homes i think. But their service is much worst than PTCL as per the friends who are currently using their service…Nayatel is needed badly here.

  • What about ptcl’s government mandated monopoly on landlines? Does the CCP not have the guts to look into that?

    • In DHA Karachi, Storm FIber and Optix are giving triple play whcih includes the landline.

  • What about ptcl’s government mandated monopoly on landlines? Does the CCP not have the guts to look into that?

  • So far my connection with Transworld Has been exceptional. Speed is 10 times more in the price i used to get PTCL and never issue with connection or anything

  • Inko ptcl walay haramio ko chittar marnay chahye… Kal message aya k 4mbps ka rate 1825 as barh k 1850 ho gya hah (with unfair tax and services bakwas it will go upto 3000 Rs.)… International rates aur standards k mutabiq is rate pay kam az kam 25mbps dena chahye inko (2000rs main tax aur service charges mila k)… Chor hain sub k sub kuttay…

  • Stormfiber is still being denied by Bahria Town, DHA and Wapda Town in Lahore as PTCL bribes their Higher-ups.

  • This may be true for DHA Lahore, but if we talk about DHA Karachi, there are other players like Storm Fiber, Optix (Multinet), Fiber link etc who have their presence there. Infact DHA is giving tough time to PTCL in its phases in DHA for laying of fiber optic.

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