Zong Hits 8 Million 4G Subscribers Milestone

Zong 4G has asserted its position as the market leader with the highest number of 4G subscribers throughout the country. The company has achieved another milestone by crossing the prolific 8 million 4G subscriber mark. With its superior 4G, Zong is being preferred by more people every day and it is welcoming them to join their 4G family.

The company’s spokesperson said,

We are delighted and proud that Zong 4G has reached more than 8 million 4G customers milestone. Our 4G network is constantly growing to ensure that connectivity reaches the farthest corners of Pakistan. Through our investments we have upgraded most of our sites to 4G to deliver greater reliability, speed, and performance. We are offering more value to our customers through our top-notch services and innovative digital solutions. Thus, Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network remains at the forefront to meet the growing needs of our new age customers.


Zong 4G’s Employees Plant Trees in ‘Mera Mulk Mera Bagheecha’ Campaign

So far Zong 4G covers mainstream urban areas, suburban and rural belt with uninterrupted access through its 4G coverage. Zong 4G’s connectivity has been playing a pivotal role in transforming the digital landscape of country by empowering millions of people with Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network.

  • Hahahahahah good for zong.
    Saath mein yh bhi likhtey zong has surpassed all poor quality standards exceptionally as it crosses the 8 million subscriber mark???.
    Seriously the speed of their 4g has worsen with time!!!!!!!

  • جاز کی سپیڈ ستر ایم بی ہے کچھ شرم کرو زونگ والو چار اہم بھی سے اوپر نہیں جاتی تماری فورجی

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