Pakistan’s Nuclear Warheads Could Cross the 250 Mark by 2025: Report

Pakistan was reported to have more nuclear warheads than its neighbor, India, according to a report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in June this year. Pakistan currently possesses 140-150 nukes as compared to India’s 130-140, and this number is going to increase significantly in the next seven years according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

By 2025, Pakistan could have nuclear warheads in the range of 220-250 based on the recent trends, making Pakistan the 5th largest state in terms of the nuclear weapons arsenal.

A team from Federation of American Scientists authored the 12-page report mentioned the fact that Pakistan is rapidly expanding its nuclear assets, working on its uranium enrichment and plutonium production facilities. The country is also working on expanding and improving its delivery systems.

The report predicted that if the current trends are followed, Pakistan will end up as the country with 5th biggest nuclear stockpile 7 years from now.

Pakistan continues to expand its nuclear arsenal with more warheads, more delivery systems, and a growing fissile materials production industry.

Featured Image Source: The National Interest

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  • Its just rumored, they can’t be sure about it, nobody knows, how many warheads India, Pakistan or Israel have.

        • And none of that would be still around, if the first was not there. Now you understand why the first was more important?
          If you still do not then read history.

          Perhaps a little bit about Baghdad’s fall to Mongols and what did the Mongol Kind say Motasin when he rolled him in a carpet and had him trampled under horses feet.
          Baghdad wa the center of what you call “Culture, Economy, Music, Literature, dance, etc etc (yanee to quote you, “every other scale” — but people who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it — and you my friend have learnt nothing it seems.

    • Exactly. (If in case) Nuclear fallout would be disastrous. We do not have capabilities to protect ourselves from a nuclear war.

    • Ask the Indian Muslims who could not even do sacrifice since Modi took power, about what to be proud of and what not to be. Guess you are not just physically a slave, but mentally also still a slave of other nations.
      It is this and only this that is keeping the vultures in 47 countries away from tearing at your flesh — yes YOUR not the country’s because country is just a line on the ground — ask the Syrians, ask the Palestinians and ask the Libbyans.

      If you mombatee mafia has still not learnt, then why don;t you “do-gooders” spend 6 months in those countries?
      Perhaps it will change your mind forever?

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