Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Fails to Get Top Score on DxOMark

The popular camera benchmark DxOMark is back, this time with a thorough test of Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 9 flagship.

The Samsung phone comes with a dual-camera setup on the back, both having 12 MP resolution. One of these sensors comes with a variable f/1.5-2.4 lens, accompanied by another f/2.4 telephoto sensor. Note that this is the exact same camera setup as the one found on Samsung Galaxy S9+, but with better camera software and processing algorithms.

The camera setup on the Note 9 is the second-best the DxOMark has tested yet, achieving a total score of 103, which brings it to an equal footing with HTC U12+ but behind Huawei P20 Pro which is the current best with a score of 109.

Score Breakdown

The Note 9 managed a photography score of 107, as well as a video score of 94, both impressive in their own right.

In terms of photography, the cameras shine with great colors and contrast levels. It retains a good balance between the amount of detail and noise, while the autofocus is fast and accurate at all times.

The dynamic range is also very wide, with accurate exposure levels. The bokeh effect is said to be convincing, while the zoom output is fairly pleasing at up to 4x. The camera flash was considered to be a weak point of the phone.

For videos, the autofocus and stabilization performance was lauded the most, thanks to accurate tracking in varying lighting conditions. Videos were fairly stable when being shot while walking. Like the stills, the colors are quite bright and there is low noise.

Visit DxOMark’s website for a much more detailed view of the test.

Featured image via Technobezz

  • Not every phone camera is supposed to be no 1 on DxOMark. and for sure samsung will never score better in camera department. They are late in camera technology.

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