Domino’s Pizza Launches Drone Delivery Service in Pakistan

Surprised that getting your food delivered via a skimpy little drone is now possible in Pakistan? So are we.

In what seems to be an elaborate marketing stunt by Dominos Pizza Pakistan, you can now get pizza delivered at your doorstep.

Now if you are like us, you must be thinking how are they even going to accomplish this feat of feats, and that too in your own backyard.

Before we get to those concerns, let us take a look at Domino’s Pizza’s brand new commercial that shows us how it’s going to work:

Still feeling flabbergasted? Here’s what Domino’s has shared regarding its drone delivery service in select Pakistani cities (they still haven’t announced which ones for now):

Domino’s will be using a limited range drone to carry out deliveries. These drones are intended for personal use and can’t fly over long distances. If you thought that the Domino’s branch from Bahadurabad was going to deliver your food all the way to Gulshan-e-Iqbal, then its time to put those thoughts to rest.

How exactly then is the pizza maker going to deliver your piping-hot pizza at your doorstep then? The company says that a rider will park their bike near your place, and unleash the drone in your locality. He can easily control it via remote to your designated spot.

Granted, it looks more of a gimmick this way, but there’s no discounting the appeal this new-fangled approach of delivering food is going to invite. You might as well order pizzas for everyone in your neighborhood lest they all come out to watch what the commotion is about outside their home.

This marketing stunt has the potential to bring in a lot of goodwill for Domino’s. However, given the immense privacy and security concerns that come from operating in Pakistan, it remains to be seen if this service will be rolled out on a wider scale.

To know if this drone delivery can be availed near your place, call their UAN today.

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  • Khurram Asif

    Bakwaas, thandaa thaaar pizza…. I like it served HOT

    • takeAway Is Better option

    • Moavia Hassan

      Wow! man, you are the first who got drone delivery?

    • Syed Muhammad Jalaluddin

      kabhi tou khush hojao yar ,,,

  • More technology More Inflation

    • Elite

      Right, What can drones do if the of place order have thunderstorm or no electricity in night time due to load-shedding.?

      • FIR Katwayenge Domino Wale Drone Choori Hone Ki
        Aur Daily Hoga to Next time Ye Services (VIP Areas) K Liye Fix Kar Denge (under 5KM) Ya Jo Flat Main Rehte hai Bus Wahi Log

        • Haroon Rashid

          Realistic answer. Important drone is a toy. In Pakistan the frequency of drone has to be in the un-regulated frequency band by the respective regulatory authority. Some frequency band for example are un-regulated and freely used in wifi, also your microwave oven frequency band is also in a free band. Likely if Amazon is here they have good idea of drone in ware houses across US. Domino being an international brand, company should I’m sure had undergone thru regulatory process, and be the first bonafide food by drone.

          • In Pakistan No One Follow the Government Rules :
            They are willing to launch a new service to catch the market that’s it.
            Filhaal Ye Log VIP Areas Main ALLOW Karenge & Drone Ki Range Koi Itni Zaida Bhi Nahi Hoti

  • Xahid

    hahaha, Look at that drone, its a Toy! lol

  • Xahid

    hahaha, Look at that drone, its a Toy! lol

    • truth

      You know the price of that toy ?, its greater then your bike.

      • Xahid

        Its still a toy, you can’t utilize business with toys.

        • truth

          Do some research first see what it is and whats its used for.

          • Xahid

            I have done my research, its you who need to do your research!

        • C

          “you can’t utilize business with toys”

          How about you tell that to the many giants in the industry like Amazon and UPS who are testing drone delivery services? They both have it operational in select areas of the US and EU. Some companies in China are also testing the idea. It’s not a toy, for better or for worse it’s the future.

          • Xahid

            Well, if you’re lazy enough to google it yourself, let me show you what amazon is using!


            • C

              The point was that, for better or worse, drone delivery is the future, not what kind of drones x company is using vs what kind of drones y company is using. Use that thick head to think before Googling stuff next time.

              • Xahid

                what a ignorant!

              • Xahid

                what a ignorant!

            • C

              Even a jamadaar can Google stuff these days, it’s not a miracle. Obviously Domino’s is not nearly as rich as Amazon, neither are their drones expected to carry heavy packages like Amazon’s drones have to (which you can see in the image you graciously Googled yourself), so expecting Domino’s drones to be on the same quality level as Amazon’s is asinine.

  • ad

    rastay mn shikaari drop ko giranay k liye bethay hu gy. kbi kawa (crow) lyk bhag jae ga pizza or kbi cheel

  • Mudassar

    Pakistanioo ne pizza chor k drone he pakr laina hy :D

    • Muhammad Areeb

      yeah mei bhi yehi soch raha tha

  • ABC

    Keeping in mind the trolling instinct of our nation, many drone hunters will come forward to hunt the domino drone for the sake of trophy.

    Moreover, how they will make sure that pizza will be delivered to the rightful owner & not taken away in the middle of the air even before the right person has come out of his home to collect pizza. This is very much possible in congested areas of “androon sheher”

  • wajid s

    this will fail badly in lahore. Lahori patang baaz will hunt down drones just like kites.

  • Kazim

    I am very excited to order Domino’s Pizza via drone.

    • U are excited to Catch the Drone Not EVEN Pizza
      AfterAll You Are 110% Pure Pakistani

  • Sajeda Rashid

    and what if these drones carry bombs or other damage causing weapon or camera surveillance apps in it?