Here’s How Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Fared in a Torture Test [Video]

Pocophone is a sub brand owned by Xiaomi, it recently launched the Pocophone F1, the cheapest Snapdragon 845 phone and a true budget flagship.

The phone also has a good design, with a trendy notched display, and dual cameras. It has been confirmed to get an official launch in Pakistan. Performance-wise, Pocophone F1 did great with surprising benchmark numbers, but before deciding whether its worth buying, we need to see how durable it is.

It has a front glass and a plastic body, with no hint of metal anywhere. Don’t let the shiny plastic fool you into thinking otherwise. Plastic is still a sturdy material that does not bend or dent easily, though it doesn’t feel as expensive and premium. Due to this Pocophone F1 does not look like a flagship, even though it performs just as well.

As for its durability, here’s a good old durability test video, that examines each bit of the phone’s material and build quality:

Pocophone – The New Flagship Killer

Pocophone reminds us of OnePlus, when it unveiled its first OnePlus 1. It has the similar “flagship killer” price, and is focused on usage rather than looks and luxury. Xiaomi took the price down to as low as it could without compromising its performance, but even for a phone that is supposed to be “cheap”, Poco F1 did pretty well in this durability test.

As seen in the video, the build material is hard enough to withstand most types of blows, as it didn’t bend at all even when the tester forced it with both hands.


Here’s How You Can Turn Your Phone Into a Speedy PocoPhone F1

It did face problems in the scratch test for the rear body, but that can easily be avoided by using a simple cover – which is provided along with the phone in the box.

It might take some time before it comes to Pakistan though. When it does, we will do a detailed review on how it performs against other popular phones in our local market. We have high hopes for this one.

Video source: JerryRigEverything

  • FocoPhone F1 have Major Probelm as advised by
    Indian Youtuber ” Technical GuruJee, TechBar & Tech Dost ”
    Problem as below :
    They are facing about HD 720P 1080P Video Coding
    Screen Panel White Shed Showing
    No Crystal Image coding
    Bugs & Security Features Issue Need Update to fix it
    Running SLOW Apps in 845 Due to Bugs.

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