Zong 4G Continues to Enhance Its Coverage Areas & Services All Across Pakistan

Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network, Zong 4G is the first telecom operator in the country to enhance its world class network with the latest data technology and coverage features. With a rapid roll out of over a thousand cell sites in the past year alone and over 1,000 more sites to be set up by end of the year; Zong’s 4G footprint is and will continue to be twice as large compared to any other operator in the country. All customers with compatible devices can connect to the internet more quickly, more reliably and in more places than ever before. The new and improved network will also help businesses enhance productivity by enabling employees to work where they want to, whenever they want to.

The upgraded 4G network will bring even faster internet speeds to customers; whilst the overall network improvements across the nation will ensure that Zong 4G’s subscribers enjoy stronger outdoor and indoor coverage. As a result, local businesses will also be able to react faster to the needs of customers and introduce remote working practices for staff which can help reduce costs and increase productivity.

Zong 4G’s recent successful campaign associated with the patriotic blockbuster film “Parwaaz Hai Junoon” was also a reflection of what the brand intends to provide its patrons i.e. unbreakable coverage and unstoppable speed. As F-16 has always been the symbol of speed and agility; Zong 4G linked its 4G speeds with those of the F-16 and conveyed a strong message to everyone that whenever it comes to speed, Zong 4G is and will be irreplaceable. The campaign has been very successful with audience whose belief in Zong 4G has been further strengthened as Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network.

Zong 4G has invested billions of USD in its network and services since its entry into the Pakistani market. With ever increasing investment on infrastructure and data services from China Mobile, Zong 4G will continue to cement its position as the true leader of data in network performance and coverage.

Zong 4G is firmly focused on bringing world-class telecommunications and digital services to Pakistan and its people. Zong’s continued investments in infrastructure have produced a first-rate network and supported a decade long track-record of industry-defining innovation. Zong 4G aims to provide the very best network experience possible, predicated on super-fast internet speeds that connect customers to the people and things that matter to them the most. With largest 4G subscriber base, carrying the highest amount of data traffic and with a growing focus on data services, Zong 4G is steadily building towards an incredibly exciting and new future.

  • ZONG the Only one serviec to giving us 4GB Data of WhatsApps in Just 20 Rupees & previsouly 8GB WhatsApp Absuilty free :
    That is called Marketing
    RIP another network

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    Lahore is not even fully covered

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      Please I will like to communicate with you through my
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        Spamming ??

  • Ali Ahmad khan

    They were good i use to get around 30-40 MB/sec, and now, last night around 9:35 i was getting 34KB/sec. great zong we can “certainly” see that you are expanding your coverage and degrading quality.

    • khsh97

      Same here, At Night before 1AM I get 30 to 100kB/s while one month ago I used to get 3MB/s