PTA Extends Deadline for Blocking Phones

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has taken another U-turn and extended the deadline for implementation of Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) for the third time.

PTA spokesperson said that considering the requests from mobile device consumers and stakeholders, and to create further awareness for general public, PTA has decided to extend the deadline of implementation of DIRBS until further notice.

Mobile Device consumers can continue using DIRBS facility to verify status of mobile device’s IMEI(s).

Users can know their phone’s IMEI by dialing *#06#.

To verify mobile device status, users need to send the device’s IMEI number to 8484 via SMS, or use PTA website link: or by downloading the DIRBS android mobile application from Google Play Store.

In line with Telecommunication Policy 2015, PTA developed DIRBS for the facilitation of general public. The system shall ensure the use of legal mobile devices on Pakistani networks, and improve the quality of mobile service to consumers, PTA maintained in an official statement.

PTA had extended the deadline for implementation of DIRBS till August 30, 2018. The DIRBS has been developed to identify substandard, fake and illegally imported mobile phones as well as register and block noncompliant devices on mobile phone networks.

PTA launched DIRBS on May 10, 2018. The deadline for Phase-1 of DIRBS was June 29, 2018. It included mapping and identification of IMEIs and blocking of stolen/lost devices.

Keeping in view the requests of various stakeholders and in the interest of ensuring smooth implementation, the deadline for Phase-1 was extended from June 29 to August 30, 2018. The Phase-II was to be started from August 31, 2018 and PTA had stated that no further extension will be granted. In Phase-II, full blocking will be implemented for all non-compliant devices that are not PTA approved.

  • Bhai ye october chal rha hai or aap ne 30 august likha hua hai bhai theek unfo dain fake news na dain
    Ya apni post ko recorrect karain

  • Still not clear what will happen to phones of overseas pakistanis when they come to pakistan.

    • Under the current system there is no consideration for tourists and overseas Pakistanis who are coming for a temporary visit. They’ll have to pay customs like everybody else in order to be able to use their phones in Pakistan.

      This is precisely why DIRBS will create a mess when and if it ever goes into effect. People should be allowed to register one or two phones every year for free, without having to pay customs. Anyone who’s having to register 50 phones a year is obviously smuggling them, so he should have to pay customs. But regular people who only get 1 phone every 2 years or so shouldn’t have to.

  • U turn? So every year FBR takes U turn and extend the tax filling date? Pakistan takes U turn and extend the deadline of Afghan refugees repatriation. When a country extends your visa, they take U turn

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