ProPakistani Giveaway: Get a Free Lifetime License for EaseUS Partition Master Bundle

EaseUS is giving away its new EaseUS Partition Master Professional bundle for free exclusively to ProPakistani users.

It’s a great tool to have for PC users who want to keep their storage media in check, with proper partitions and storage locations. The software bundle is an easy solution that does the work for you in just a few clicks.

EaseUS Partition Master Professional usually costs $39.95. Our users can download the software for free by visiting the company’s website (links on the bottom), and get an original license code – all yours to keep forever.

Note: The giveaway offer starts from 23rd of October and will end on the following day.

EaseUS Features

With EaseUS Partition Master Professional Bundle, you’ll be able to manage your storage drives, both HDD or SSD types, and create, delete, shrink, expand, split or merge new partitions however you see fit.

The good thing is that it also lets you transfer your OS files to another drive, so as to make more space, or if you plan on increasing boot-up speed by migrating Windows (or any other OS) files to a separate SSD.

With the tool, you can:

  • Resize/Move Partition – this feature lets you move around your partition drives without losing any stored data. You can also change the size of a partition, by making it larger or smaller, without compromising its contents.
  • Migrate is a neat option to move your OS files to another drive or hard disk, be it HDD or SSD. People usually move OS files, or heavy software to an SSD to reduce loading times. It’s always better to migrate your Windows files instead of installing a new one, so you don’t lose any data (you won’t need to create backups either).
  • Use Advanced Partition Tools that can Merge, Delete, Format or Split storage partitions to your liking. The “Format” tool lets you change your drive to another format, like NTFS or FAT32 without deleting data.
  • Hide/Wipe Partition allows you to either secure an entire drive by hiding it or wiping it completely and quickly to delete its contents.
  • Disk or Partition Conversion is also a useful feature to convert your system disk type to either MBR or GPT. Additionally, you can change a partition from primary and logical or convert a disk from dynamic to basic using this tool.

Paid Features

With this giveaway, you’ll also get some paid features that won’t be available if you get the free version of the software. Those features include Partition/Disk cloning and other data recovery tools.

  • The recovery tool lets you restore partitions that get deleted by error, or by some malicious virus.
  • For emergencies, you can set a WinPE rescue disk for when your PC doesn’t boot up properly using the software.

Oh, and by the way, the partition tool also has ease-of-use options for those who are not well-versed with computers, and other complicated software tools.

Download Page

To get your free license code, visit this link, and scroll down to the “Giveaway” section of the webpage. After that, you can view the license code by clicking “Get Free License”.