Social Listening Platform Zanroo is Launching in Pakistan Today

The popular social listening tool, Zanroo, is launching in Pakistan today in partnership with Bramerz.

Bramerz will be the sole license provider for Zanroo in the country.

Zanroo is a one-stop solution for brands which need to gain actionable insight from social media and digital platforms. It monitors brand specific conversation from Twitter, Facebook, and even newspapers and blogs, and gives brand managers information about how the brand and specific campaigns are performing.

The interesting thing about Zanroo is that it’ll be able to glean insights not only from English but also from Roman Urdu (Minglish) and Urdu. This makes it one of the only tools that can provide insights in our local language.

To better understand what Zanroo offers, let’s take a quick look at the four parts which make up the platform.

Zanroo Arun:

Arun is Zanroo’s connecting link for every marketing stack. The API enables brands to integrate social data throughout their marketing suite.

Zanroo Listening:

A social listening tool, Zanroo Listening monitors all social conversation across a variety of social media platforms and other digital platforms and news outlets as well. It gives a bird-eye view of how a particular brand or campaign is being perceived socially.

Through monitoring social sentiment, brands can also understand what features their products need, whether there’s a crisis brewing or if a particular influencer would be a good spokesperson for a campaign.

Zanroo Desk:

Zanroo Desk is a social CRM. It can automatically route queries about quality, features, and sales to relevant departments. It provides a unified customer support solution which integrates a ticketing system, knowledge management platform as well as real-time SLA tracking.

Regardless of where your customers are talking or asking questions, you have one place where you can respond to all queries.

Zanroo Campaign:

Zanroo Campaign allows you to pull of your paid, earned and owned campaigns from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other platforms into one place. You can measure the success of your campaigns across a variety of metrics and focus on areas that require more work than others.

It also offers other tools like cloud trend, peak hour breakdown of popular trends as well as a list of the top influencers for each campaign.

Speaking about Zanroo, Badar Khushnood, the VP of Growth at Bramerz, said, “There are a number of tools in the market but there’s always missing a particular feature so you end up using multiple. Zanroo has none of those limitations.”.

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