E-banking Transactions Reach Rs. 47.4 Trillion in FY2018

Transactions performed through e-Banking channels like ATMs, mobile phone banking, real-time online banking (RTOB), POS, and internet banking totaled 765.5 million, valuing at Rs. 47.4 trillion.

The State Bank of Pakistan has revealed in its “Annual Performance Review 2017-18” report that ATM transactions had the largest share, i.e., 62.2 percent, in terms of the number of transactions with a share in the value of these transactions at 21.9 percent.

During FY18, ATM transactions reached 470.6 million valuing at Rs. 5.5 billion while the cash withdrawals formed the major share in both transactions’ volume i.e. 446.7 million (94.9 percent) and worth Rs.4.84 trillion (87.2 percent). On average, a single ATM transaction valued at Rs. 11,793.

The state bank stated that by the end of June 2018, the country’s ATM network expanded to 14,019 while a network of 53,511 POS machines is currently present in Pakistan.


95% of E-Commerce Transactions in Pakistan Are Cash-on-Delivery: Report

SBP further stated that the total number of payment cards including debt, credit, prepaid issue, and social welfare reached 40.9 million by the end of the fiscal year 2017-18, which was 36.6 million at the beginning of the fiscal year, indicating a growth of 11.7 percent.

Moreover, 21.7 million debit cards were issued this year and facilitated 441.1 million transactions valuing Rs. 5.1 trillion.

As for the credit cards, 1.4 million had been issued in the said fiscal year with 35.5 million transactions having worth of Rs. 201.5 billion.

Nevertheless, RTOB transactions claimed 84.1 percent share in regards to the value of transactions having a volume share of 21.9 percent.

The remaining transactions comprised of intra-bank and inter-bank fund transfers, cash/instrument deposit transactions, and utility bill payments.

The report further reveals that 28 banks or Microfinance banks are offering internet banking services while 21 financial institutions are providing mobile phone banking along with call center/IVR banking.

Moreover, around 1094 local e-commerce merchants were registered with banks this year while the online e-commerce transactions executed by consumers amounted 3.4 million having a value of Rs. 361 trillion in FY18.

Notably, third-party customer transfer transactions claimed the largest share in transaction volume, which was 1.3 million valued at Rs. 24.6 trillion. But in terms of value, Government Securities trade transactions made it to the top having worth Rs. 256.4 trillion.

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  • Brecorder wrote an article about so called electronic transactions in pakistan. The conclusion was that there has been no growth in these figures at all since 2014. The nominal amounts may have changed because of inflation but there has been no change relative to total transactions:

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