Protests Cause Petrol Shortage in Lahore and Other Cities of Punjab

Denizens of Punjab are facing a severe dearth of petrol in major cities of the province including the capital, Lahore, amid ongoing protests across the country. Due to road blockages, oil tankers have not left the ports for the past 3 days and petrol pumps are only selling their remaining stock.

Given the shortage, the quantity of petrol being sold has been limited. Buyers can only get petrol worth Rs. 100 for motorcycles and Rs. 500 for cars.

The petrol pump owners have stated that the ongoing protest is the reason behind the fuel shortage.

After the closure of educational institutions, offices, and any means of mobility, people of Punjab have come across yet another encumbrance.

This all started with the Supreme Court’s announcement of the verdict on Asia Bibi’s case that acquitted the Christian woman on death row. However, the decision did not go well with some people who took it to the streets to protest over the issue.


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In the past two days, the protestors have brought the country to a halt by choking the pathways, blocking the roads, and vandalizing state property.

The government had put security on high alert before the verdict’s announcement, but the efforts could not come to fruition. The right-wing religious party, Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) had called out its workers ahead of the Supreme Court’s verdict to come on roads and protest if the court releases Asia.

While the entire country is facing difficulties, Punjab’s major cities are bearing the brunt of all this protest. Despite the government’s efforts to settle the issue, no headway could be made so far.

The protestors are demanding the Supreme Court to review the verdict and put Asia’s name on the Exit Control List (ECL).

Via: Dunya News

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