IT Minister Ensures Technical Support for Data Theft from Banks

Following the recent news about a cyber-attack on major Pakistani Banks, the Federal Minister for IT & Telecom, Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqi, has assured all-out technical support for the State Bank of Pakistan to ensure the protection of data and financial assets of the citizens of Pakistan.


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The minister said, “In this connected world, we all have a responsibility to protect our networks and the interest of the people we serve. Similarly, a secure cyber-space for the safety of public data is our collective responsibility and the Government will take all out measures in this regard.”

He added that State Bank of Pakistan regularly takes measures, through regulations, to ensure the security of Banks/DFIs and enhance their cyber-security controls, processes and procedures.


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The Ministry of IT & Telecom also stated that he realizes the challenges of cybersecurity in this digital era and would like to extend his ministry’s complete technical support, in this regard, to the State Bank of Pakistan when required.

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