Sindh Education Ministry Denies Public Holiday on 9th November

The government of Sindh has rejected the ‘rumour’ that it announced to observe Iqbal Day as a public holiday.

Secretary Education told media that the government has not announced holiday on  Iqbal Day, adding that school and colleges would remain open on Friday.

He said no notification was issued from Sindh ministry, any such notification circulating would be fake and people should not heed any importance to it.

Earlier a notification appeared on media which suggested all educational institutes across the province shall remain closed on Friday, November 9.


November 9 Is Not A Holiday: Interior Ministry

Previously, a fake notification went viral on social media which suggested that the federation has announced a holiday on Friday i.e. Iqbal Day.

The interior ministry swung into action, rubbishing the rumour it also announced that all the federal institutions will remain open on Friday.

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