PTCL’s Transformation Journey: Moving from Traditional to a Modern Network

Almost every aspect of modern business and household is now reliant on good connectivity. With millions of users throughout the country, the need for a strong and reliable network with superior connectivity can neither be compromised upon nor taken lightly.

Being the largest telecom operating company of Pakistan, connecting all Pakistanis from Gilgit to Gwadar and from Karachi to Khyber, PTCL has a huge responsibility to provide the best services to every customer. Naturally, with such a large-scale business and network, there is a dire need to evolve, adapt and stay ahead in the digitally advanced world.

In today’s digital age, customer satisfaction is the key to success in the telecom industry, which goes hand in hand with customer services. Simply put, customers’ loyalty goes to a company, which not only fulfills their requirements but also goes a step ahead to take care of their needs with care and attention. To be successful in the customer services arena, a company needs to understand the priorities of the customers, who are fast-paced, social and require instant gratification, especially in terms of connectivity and networking.

With this intent and purpose in mind, PTCL is undergoing a transformation project by the name of Network Transformation Project (NTP) under which 100 major exchanges across the country are being transformed. 53 of those exchanges have already been upgraded, thus making it possible for the customers to enjoy reliable, high-speed unlimited internet.

Under NTP, the company’s existing copper network is being upgraded to fiber network in high potential areas, along with rehabilitation of existing copper network. The project has been underway since 2016 and has transformed exchanges in 12 cities including Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Kharian, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi and Sialkot.

Through this transformed network, customers will benefit from a faster connection, up to 50mbps with the improved copper network and up to 100mbps with the fiber network.

With a massive company like PTCL, it is imperative that the benefit to the end customer is given priority. This large-scale project was initiated keeping in mind a customer-centric approach as the company wanted to build a service culture. Through this project, customers will be able to experience a faster network, which is even more reliable than before, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

In the long run, a satisfied customer base will result in not only acquiring new customers, but also enable the telecom giant to compete on another level in the market, and positively improve the company’s bottom line.

Service quality has a lot to do with customer perception and satisfaction. The new network is a major step in the company’s journey to service excellence, as they have witnessed growth in their customer acquisitions and retention. It seems that the NTP program is capable of catering to the insatiable demand of customers for high speed and unlimited internet.

We have talked to the company about the steps that they have taken to improve overall customer service quality. New technology adoption is cardinal to the uplifting of any service, and this is what led PTCL to embrace ‘Motive’, a unique innovation tool for wireline business aimed at identification of the complaint’s cause. As a result, not only has NTP resulted in lesser number of complaints reported in transformed exchanges, it has also helped them to identify the causes of these complaints. This has increased efficiency in complaint resolution.

Fulfilling customers’ needs and demands is a very challenging task. Turnaround time for complaint resolution has lessened, thus resulting in a better experience for PTCL customers. They have also revamped their customer support touchpoints and have introduced a ‘Building Customer Service Excellence’ culture from top management to the field staff in all regional offices across Pakistan.

Customers can now enjoy a wide range of high-speed internet packages in the transformed exchanges; 10, 20, 50, 100 Mbps unlimited internet & downloads with free landline calls, free Smart TV and Smart TV App, as well as unlimited iflix access for 1-year and free Wi-Fi router. In order for customers to have a truly digital lifestyle, they can also benefit by availing value-added services i.e. multiple IPTV, Static IP & Smart Eye (camera recording).

The PTCL management is optimistic that the entire Network Transformation Project, spanning over 100 exchanges throughout Pakistan, will be completed in 2019. The real impact of the transformation across Pakistan in terms of service quality and high-speed unlimited internet will be more visible in the coming year.

The general business environment of Pakistan is continuously evolving. Telecom companies doing business in Pakistan have to be strong players and should be able to adapt to modern trends and digitization. With the right mindset, focus on customer service quality, and the ability to embrace change, projects like NTP can help set a higher benchmark. With a mission of building a digitally connected Pakistan, PTCL is rightly playing its role as the leading internet broadband service provider of the country.

    • expensive?
      there internet is still better, yes if you are on the bad end than sorry but i never had issues.
      nayatel has only tv that’s going for them other than that there data cap is ridiculously low.
      I’m on gpon now never been happier.

      • Both Nayatel, StormFiber are far better than PTCL in quality and rates.

        StormFiber is offering 10mbps in around 2300rs, ptcl offers 6mbps with only 1mbps upload in 2800Rs. Both ISP’s include TV, and PTCL is not providing analogue TV cable service.

        PTCL offers 1mbps upload even on gpon.
        My PTCL works fine but it’s much expensive than others. I am always seeking other ways to switch away from PTCL.

        • oh please dont compare nayatel with ptcl…. if they charge half its still worthless…. yes they have good tv service but the data cap is ridiculously small.
          yes storm fiber might me better but it’s available in way less area’s than ptcl almost like grain of salt.

          that’s why i say ppl are little over the edge when they go after ptcl.

          edit: gpon will be almost equal its download, you either mistaken or have a fault connection.
          I’m a user of ptcl since ISDN in khi till 8mb.
          now in isb/pindi i went from 20 to gpon at 100mbps.

          • PTCL has shared connections and most of their exchanges facing network congestion and connectivity, with perfect stats and line parameters user only get half of the speed during peak hours and in off-peak 3/4 . Thier IPTV sucks big time as they still transmitting channels in 480*576 resolution when others are migrating to UHD

            • iptv is a joke.
              rest there internet is same with anyone, all are shared bhai unless you have dedicated connection.
              and perfect line will give perfect results it wont be half.
              ptcl issues were their low end uplink which most users don’t get… u choke that and your download goes to zero.
              a simple file send, video call, etc will hamper speed, thus vdsl which they are going for.

          • Nayatel is literally unlimited, or get their 2500rs package that is all the time unlimited. Cheaper than PTCL. PTCL 10mbps with 1mbps upload speed is 3300rs+ per month.

            We are doing “guzara” because no alternative in our area. Otherwise people are kicking out PTCL wherever StormFiber or Nayatel are reaching in Faisalabad.

            • last time i checked, nayatel doesnt have anything close to a virtual unlimited.
              making specific apps unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited.

            • nayatel 20mb (one thats actually 20mb all the time is 3900.
              and with a 100gb cap.
              my family can finish that in 15 days or so.

              ptcl 20mb is 3000 and with tax it will still be cheaper than nayatel and unlimited

      • Come on Atif, be a bit fair. I had been using PTCL for I dont know how many years (a very long time) and their customer service was pathetic. The speed of the internet was bad. I installed NayaTel two months ago and it was the best decision. They don’t offer unlimited internet to home users but they give you optic fibre and not once have I had disconnection problem with NayaTel. With PTCL it was a usual matter having your internet disconnected.

        P.s – kasam se NayaTel walo ne paisa nai dya tareef krne ka Lol What’s true is true.

        • as i said earlier because you’re at their bad end so you wont understand.
          I’m using ptcl since ISDN days… never had any issues with suppprt or any other problems, yes usual issues do come as with any other ISP.
          now im on gpon before i was at 20mbps copper, before that 8mbps..
          so i know what im talking about.

          you can take it as mobilink/jazz
          huge userbase thus more complaints.

        • bhai sab PTCL jab copper pay tha tab bohat zayada problems thee, ab fiber pay hay aur bohat acha chal raha hay, main commercial use kar raha hoon, daily 100 users hotay hain, no speed issue, bus call center walay dhelay hain, baqi sab theek hay abhi

  • PTCL is worse, despite of upgrading network they are not upgrading bandwidth which results congested network and lower speed to customers, they are transmitting IPTV in 480*576 resolution when world is migrating to UHD and they not even offering SD channels

  • Lol customer satisfaction and PTCL. Simply check the entertainment channels on their smart TV and compare it to Nayatel.

  • Saadi town area which comes under Malir exchange Karachi which is worst of all they are still providing adsl connections with 1 mb upload speed even with annex m from last one year i am asking for vdsl amd they are making excuse that because you are in canttonment area army cantt area is not giving noc for cable laying
    Ptcl is the worst isp in my area

  • PTCL has changed a lot in recent years, but if you think about it. Their progress since Musharraf era has been painfully slow. So slow, infact that we now have 3G/4G in our country but Broadband speeds/quality have been worse than that. (Normally, Broadband is so much better in other countries in terms of quality and speed compared to 3G/4G but in our country it’s just worse.)
    They haven’t really invested too much in upgrading their infrastructure, and i’m not too hopeful they ever will (considering the economic instability of Pakistan). I just wish another large competitor enters the market and breaks their monopoly.

  • I really want PTCL to go Big again and start competing top ISP in Pakistan. They have to introduce FTTH like fiber optice and other ISP’s are providing right now.In my opinion only StromFiber and PTCL is capable to be the best in Pakistan.

  • Their service is much better than before but their customer service still sucks.btw I am using PTCL since 2016 never had issue after their upgradation of network much better now

  • I don’t think this is an upgrade… they are simply offering vdsl instead of adsl now and propakistani is going gaga over it.

  • would prefer anyother network on ptcl, Allah kisi ko bhi itna majboor na kray, pathetic and classic bad govt institute, jiskay hum aadi hay so releasing press release is futile ,but providing better service isnt, put this money into improving your services.

  • Using PTCL GPON Service from last 3 months, no speed issue, no disconnection, very improved service, now its time to say good bye to nayatel.

  • PTCL is a complete fail and a joke. I am in Wapda Town, Lahore and my area exchange has been transformed but the service is still trash and I hardly get 2-3mbps max on a 25mb VDSL package and my VDSL line stats are fine but I only achieve full speed early in the morning for a few hours and after that it goes to complete garbage because their exchange is congested. Their bandwidth demand is way more than their bandwidth capacity. I don’t expect s**t from them at this point.

  • close