The Restaurant Where Two Kids Died Was Serving 3 Year Old Expired Meat

There has been a significant breakthrough in the investigation of the deaths of two minor children, who died after dining at a local restaurant in Karachi.

The Sindh Food Authority (SFA), on a tip from a citizen, raided a godown of the restaurant located in Karachi’s Zamzama area and recovered expired packaged meat from the scene. The label on the meat package shows it was expired in 2015.

Meat label after being cleaned

An SFA official stated that when their team arrived at the scene, the restaurant management, probably expecting a raid, was quietly moving the supplies from the scene.

Abrar Shaikh, the Director SFA said that they had failed to learn the existence of a godown in the initial inquiry. He told the godown contained the low-quality food items including beverages and the rotten meat.

“The meat was rotten and stinking, and we have removed it from the scene. It will be discarded because, otherwise, it is likely to cause and spread diseases,” Sheikh said.

“We have collected the samples from the newfound godown and now (we’re) going to discard the meat before it spreads diseases,” said Abrar adding that keeping the godown secret and then moving items out of it without bringing it to the knowledge of authorities is a crime and the hotel management will be duly charged.


On Sunday, two minors died, and their mother was hospitalized after dining at the Arizona Grill restaurant in Karachi’s DHA Phase V area.

According to SSP South Pir Muhammad Shah, the family went for a dine-out on Saturday night and took dinner at Arizona Grill in Zamzama Boulevard Mall. Early on Sunday morning, the three fell sick and were taken to the hospital in a critical condition where the two minor kids died, while the mother is still in critical condition.

The restaurant was subsequently sealed and a case of ‘attempt to murder without known intentions’ was registered against the eatery management following the news on media.

An investigation was launched, and late on Wednesday, the godown of the eatery was found where the authorities recovered rotten meat.

  • Unfortunate, need strict Custom controls to ban Import of expired or near expiring meat in the country. Most likely it was discarded in an Arab country, and someone smuggled it to Pakistan.

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