Xiaomi’s Smart Toilet Seat Will Make You Not Want to Leave

Xiaomi’s smart home brand continues to…. ‘innovate’. Its latest entry under its crowdfunding platform is aiming to revolutionize toilet seats, with the use of a ‘smart AI’ and voice assistant that may tell you how to take care of your personal hygiene better.

Granted, this isn’t Xiaomi’s first foray into toilet seat covers, but this one happens to come at a price that may be too hard to resist. The Tinymu smart toilet cover, as it is called, will be retailing for 1,199 yuan (Rs. 23,000). For those looking for something even more affordable, Xiaomi is launching a lite version of the seat for 799 yuan (Rs. 15,000).


For all this talk of this ‘smart’ toilet seat, what does it do that makes it more than just your ordinary toilet seat?

For starters. Xiaomi has managed to shoehorn its artificial intelligence feature which makes it do all sorts of nifty things like:

  • changing the washing position
  • adjusting water temperature
  • controlling the pressure and flow of water.

Even if you personalize these settings, Xiaomi’s Tinymu seat cover will adjust them on the fly over time as it learns what you’re most comfortable with.

As for its voice assistant feature, you can tell the toilet seat when it should flush, toggle the seat heater, and more. All by barking voice commands as you do your business. Too bad its Chinese-only for now, so we hope you brush up on your Mandarin skills.

You can even connect it to the MIJIA app for mobile control via Bluetooth. It also features integration with the Mi Band series.


Sure it’s only a non-descript toilet seat, but that hasn’t stopped Xiaomi from designing it to be the most ergonomic one ever. It comes with a ‘3D curved seat’ ensuring that you are comfortable as needed.

For those who spend more than 30 minutes (!) on this, you will be happy (or unhappy) to know it has the smarts to inform you that you’ve been at it for too long. The Tinymu sends out a beep that tells you just that.

Xiaomi has built this smart seat cover for comfort, and it certainly shows when you consider that it has 3 options for the seat ring for controlling heating temperature.

And what’s more, the ceramic heater also comes with a dual heating module. Why is this a big deal you ask? That’s because it can save you from the chills on a particular freezing morning by instantly warming up that wad of ice-cold water in seconds.

If you are worried about how clean it is, Xiaomi says that it comes with an imported polyethylene ultrafiltration membrane filter with an effective inhibition rate of 99.9% against E. coli bacteria. No more risk of contact cross infection as well.

Last but not the least, some folks will be pleased to know it comes with an important deodorant fan that… well, that much is pretty self-explanatory.


As per Xiaomi:

The Tinymu Smart Toilet seat cover AI version is priced at 1299 yuan and is presently available under crowdfunding. It is expected to start shipping on December 26.

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