PTI Quotes The World’s Richest Man to Justify Imran’s U-Turn Statement

Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Friday, made a statement on U-turns. He is often accused of making U-turns in his political career which tend to attract an ire from social media users and the opposition parties.

While meeting a group of journalists at Prime Minister House on Friday, Khan said: “Real leaders should be ready to take U-turns.”

Khan not only defended his U-turns but also presented examples of Hitler and Nepolian from history as for those who didn’t change their strategies according to the situation and faced defeat.

Ever since his comments, the opposition has been bashing the premier for his statement, and PTI supporters are defending his comments as a positive step.

Here is how Senator Faisal Javed defended Khan’s statement.

And here’s Dr. Aamir Liaquat’s version:

When this did not suffice, PTI’s official Facebook page brought in Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ comments on this matter to put in some weight to their claims.

The page shared a video of the digital business tycoon sharing the leadership principles that reanalyzing your decisions makes you a good leader.

“People who are right a lot, change their mind a lot and they seek to dis-confirm their most profoundly held convictions,” Bezos said in the video.

Bezos stressed that you shouldn’t let anyone trap you for your words said in the past for “Life is complicated and the world is complicated, so you get new data, and when you get new data, you should change your mind.”

He further commented on how politicians don’t get the liberty to change their mind saying: “They get accused of being flip-floppers.”

  • Five times compulsory prayers in Islam helps in taking “U-Turn” by accepting your sins and mistakes and pleading help from Almighty Allah. It is a continuous process of reassessing your concepts and beliefs, thus improving upon them. Leaders need it most as their responsibilities are great and they are answerable for them.

  • Course correction, and lying then denying are two different things. Former is productive while latter is a crime. Trump is always adamant, and look the whole world calls him mad king.
    Imran lies blatantly half the times, and takes a u turn in the other half. However, blaming him of u turns in everything exonerates him. When it comes to perception handling, he is always ahead of the combined opposition. So he gets away with almost everything.

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