China’s Chemical Companies to Explore Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

A number of chemical companies have shown keen business and investment interest through the partnership with local industrialists in Pakistan. These companies are specialized in manufacturing world-class paint for buildings; furniture and automobile.

Li Xing Xinong, founder of Hunan Banfert New Materials Technology, was addressing the crowd at Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College.

Hunan Banfert is an international chemical materials supplier, such as ultraviolet curable coatings, quick setting inks, waterborne industrial paints, industrial anti-corrosion coatings and special resins.

“We are an international chemicals supplier and our company intends to explore business and investment opportunities in Pakistan which has become an important investment destination for the Chinese businessmen and entrepreneurs after the launch of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),” he said.

Li Xing Xinong further said first he would visit Pakistan to assess the market potential and then decide to set up a plant in Pakistan. Expressing assurance into the current economic situation in Pakistan, he said Pakistan’s economy was now gearing up and there were more business and investment opportunities for Chinese companies.

He said presently his company was exporting its high-quality products to the USA and some European countries

Ming Xiancheng, General Manager, Xiangjiang Paint Technology Company, speaking on the occasion, also showed interest in the investment-friendly policies and incentives announced by the present government to attract foreign investment in Pakistan.

Hunan Xiangjiang Paint Group Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures coatings, resins, and paints. The company was formerly known as Hunan Paint Factory. The company was founded in 1950 and is based in Changsha, China.

He informed that he was eager to visit Pakistan to interact with local businessmen to explore trade and business opportunities in Pakistan.

He said Pakistan had entered the industrialization phase of the CPEC framework and special economic zones were being set up to facilitate the Chinese industrialists and investors. He informed the participants of the forum that the Chinese industrialists could also export their products to other countries from Pakistan.

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