Telenor Launches Pakistan’s First 4.5G Network

Yet another industry-first for Telenor Pakistan as it claims to have launched cutting-edge 4.5G technology in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad showing unrelenting commitment to empower Pakistan through a high-speed data network that enhances customer experience.

Sigve Brekke, CEO, Telenor Group who is visiting Pakistan on a 4-day agenda inaugurated 4.5G by placing the first call over this advanced LTE network. Today, over 80% of Telenor Pakistan’s network supports 3G/4G services and the launch of 4.5G services is a milestone towards bringing the latest technology to Pakistan.

Utilizing the advanced 4.5G feature of ‘Carrier Aggregation’, Telenor Pakistan is the first to aggregate its LTE 850 and LTE 1800 networks as one to give excellent data service experience for supported handsets. This feature leverages the available frequency of different bands, thus enhancing the customer experience.

Telenor Pakistan acquired the license for the provision of Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) across Pakistan in 2014. This opened a whole new era of opportunities in mobile broadband services in the country which fueled exponential data growth in the market.

Later on in 2016, Telenor Pakistan acquired bandwidth in the 850MHz spectrum to bring 4G services. Maximizing efficiency on the existing spectrum, Telenor Pakistan has also refarmed its existing 1800 MHz band for LTE services.

“We envision a digital Pakistan where the fast-evolving communication technology benefits all,” said Sigve Brekke, President & CEO of Telenor Group. “With Advanced LTE we continue to introduce new technology that furthers the digital revolution in Pakistan.”

“In a new milestone today, we have launched 4.5G that will be a bridge for future mobile data applications leading on to 5G,” said Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan.

“The technology will enable us to provide faster upload and download speeds while delivering superior user experience by ensuring immediate reaction time for applications and web services with the promise of uninterrupted data experience. 4.5G will also give us the readiness we need to drive the development of IoT and tech-based solutions for government, administration, health, agriculture and home management. Being the most innovative company, we proudly welcome Pakistanis to the future of mobile,” he added.

All of Telenor Pakistan’s current 4G subscribers with compatible handsets will be able to receive the faster speeds automatically. The 4.5G features have already been activated across Telenor sites in Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi/Islamabad. This development certainly brings Pakistan closer to its digital inclusion goals.

      • I don’t know why this guy is obsessed with eSIM. It brings no real benefit to the user in terms of quality of service and only a handful of phones actually support it.

        • This guy is an enthusiast. He is excited about every new technology. He should be PTA chairman and we might see 5G before Korea

          • LOL, electricity and water are basic needs.
            eSIM is useless and it would be stupid if local telcos invested in eSIM over more worthwhile tech.

            I’m starting to think you are the next Abdul Wahab….

            • Abdul wahab mery senior hein ? aor Bhai jan apko off topic bat mat krein aor eSIM pay search krein phir apko is k benifits ka pata chal jay ga , abi ap k pas buhat kam info ha is bary mein

          • Yes I’d rather have something that gives you a more reliable LTE connection than a stupid unnecessary gimmick.

            Since you are probably a ShitPhone XS owner, you must be dying to use eSIM, as it is something you can brag about to all your peasant friends who are using inferior Android devices that don’t support it.

            • Every next android flagship will support eSIM , google announce it .
              XS is the top mobile phone in the world to date
              eSIM is the next standard and by 2024 , 70% mobile phones supported eSIM only (without traditional sim) ab behas mein parrny ka faida nhi ha jnaab

              • Please list some benefits of eSIM in a country like Pakistan. Think long and hard about that.

                Would love to know your thoughts.

                • 1 replacement free of cost
                  2 eSIMs enable constant connection to mobile networks, they optimize connectivity management, including security-wise. Security is the most basic thing for communication sector in Pakistan
                  3 end users enjoy a seamless experience on a plethora of devices, knowing they are securely and intelligently connected to ubiquitous mobile networks. This remotely provisionable SIM is the vital enabler for the future growth of the machine to machine market

                  • 1) Bhai 100 rs bhi nahi de sakte aap? I don’t know about Telenor, but on Jazz and Ufone, SIM replacements are either free or for 50 rs. Besides, you do realize that you would STILL have to visit the office for biometric verification. Jazz even does home delivery of SIM cards, for FREE.

                    As for the other suggestions, you just copy/pasted them from a Google search lol. Stupid troll.

              • That’s vague claim that XS is top mobile phone of the current tech industry. Don’t think so. It’s not e-sim we should be worried about but carrier interconnect charges. Government should force carriers to stop charging each other. That way we’ll get batter any time any network bundles.

              • Yes and after so long all you could come up with was some playground insult rather than an actual advantage to having eSIM over CA?

                Not surprising at all. Keep it up.

                • Says ‘shitphone XS’. Proceeds to say I’m using playground insults. Please go be a keyboard don on PG. And let me know if the post mensural pains don’t go away.

                  • Oh my bad, I forgot that insulting Apples clearly superior tech is hurting you directly.

                    Still waiting for a valid argument btw. Nobody here to laugh at your jokes.

          • yes, cell phone basically will use both spectrum together and you will get better Throughput because you will double the spectrum like 10 Mhz+10Mhz= 20Mhz.

            • Yes but what’s the point of all that bandwidth? Cellular data plans are still heavily capped by volume. So it’s not like I can stream 4K video all day with these high speeds.

              • You say all that bandwidth as if people are now getting 200 Mbps over LTE… coming from barely 10 Mbps on Telenor 4G, an upgrade to 40-50 or whatever their network is now capable of is a huge difference, especially for people who have Telenor MBBs.

    • بھائی یہاں سعودیہ کے موبائل نیٹورک بہت ایڈوانس ہیں۔ یہاں ابھی تک ای سم اور وی او ایل ٹی ای نہیں تو پاکستان میں کہاں سے آئے گی۔ اور ویسے بھی میں نے آئی فون کے علاوہ کوئی موبائل ای سم والا نہیں دیکھا تو کمپنیاں کیوں کر اس پر انوسٹ کریں۔

    • Guys please help me, I am a British Pakistani, born in England. Last year I took a Telenor sim-card out, and I have lost it, how much will it cost me to have the number replaced and get a replacement sim card? As one of the Telenor franchise said to me to give them 15,000PRK, which I was very shocked about, I think they were trying to rip me off.

    • btw when ever I tried searching networks on my E-SIM Samsung Gear S2. I could only see Telenor…. and thats 2 years back when I had a Gear S2. Telenor must be very close to launch E-SIM.

  • Lol. At many places its 5 MHz of 850 MHz and 3 MHz of 1800 MHz. And at some places the ratio is 5 MHz+5MHz of both bands. That makes their 4G 8 or 10 MHz in total. Jazz and Zong are already using 15 and 20 MHz of 1800 MHz for 4G respectively. Zong is also refarming 5 MHz of its 2100 MHz out of 10 MHz for 4G and testing carrier aggregated 25 Mhz 4G+ in Lahore. Since their 4G customer are increasing over their 3G customers, this is high time for them to use 2100 MHz spectrum for good.
    Meanwhile let Telenor enjoy 8 MHz 4.5G :P

    • Telenor has shitty internet speeds in rawalpindi. I suspect this is another marketing gimmick they use to boost their userbase. Zong 4G all the way. I have been using zong since 2017 and have nothing but praises for the speed and connectivity.

    • Next year everyone except Ufone is expected to launch VoLTE. Jazz, Telenor and Zong are already testing it.

      • jazz were released a press release last year about voLTE but still nothing gonna happened

        • JAZZ is in testing phase. In Islamabad I think they tested it and got a very nice speed (108 MB/S, which is very nice), as per my information.

    • Wi-Tribe can’t be used in mobile devices, it is more of an alternative to fixed line subscribers since the modem/router they provide isn’t really portable.

      So while they may have been the first 4.5G network in Pakistan, Telenor is the first of the four telcos to have officially launched it.

  • لاھور میں مسلم ٹاون تو سگنل ھی نہیں آتے اور بات کرتے ھیں 4.5 کی۔

  • I just want to ask one thing. Will it also reduce the ping or not? Because Jazz is Pakistan’s only wireless network which give 120ms ping (In some areas, of course) and all other give more than 180 ping. By the way I’m talking about the ping used in gaming (PUBG, Fortnite, and CS-GO etc) not about speed test ping.

  • RCS kei barei mei kya update hai? Telenor actually support RCS in foreign countries. Don’t do that here.

    If anyone doesn’t know about RCS then:

    Rich Communication Services is a communication protocol between mobile-telephone carriers and between phone and carrier, aiming at replacing SMS messages with a text-message system that is richer, provides phonebook polling, and transmit in-call multimedia.

    RCS sei basically sms free mei send kar sako gei and even send videos on messages.

  • They are just combing two bands with Carrier aggregation feature to increase Throughput and call it 4.5 G. 5G is the way to go but you need lot of spectrum to achieve 20 Gbps.

    • Existing mobile broadband devices are not compatible currently , thy will replace old devices with new devices soon

  • As per my knowledge a company named wi-tribe Pakistan launched 4.5 G network in Karachi & Lahore almost 15 months ago … a company like TP should consider all facts before publicizing such PRs.

  • Array Bhai…wi-tribe have launched 4.5G in Pakistan two years before. 4.5G is not new in Pakistan

  • This is totally fake news and nothing but a marketing gimmick. Wi Tribe already released statement of being the 1st pakistani operator to launch 4.5G.


  • Wrong Info…. I think an ISP named Wi Tribe claimed to be the 1st one to launch 4.5G Network. Bas Kar do yar Telenor, 4G to chala lo pehlay

  • Yaaaaaaaar Jhooot panay ki bhi koi limit hoti hai. Wi Tribe…..: Make a Vine on Telenor as well. :p

  • sir phelay telenor walo say kahee k saddar regal chowk karachi par aapkay signal bohat week hen. kindly tower lagaen. net bhi week chalta hai.

  • I think there is a lot of confusion. From what I understand Telenor has two bands of spectrum which they can use for 4G. 850 mhz and 1800 mhz, they have more spectrum in the 850 mhz, which means better coverage and signals but lower throughput or speeds.

    What they will now do is combine both those spectrums together in towers that support it, it will allow you to basically use both spectrums at the same time.

    So this means you are getting twice the speed in theory, about 300 MBps at max, from their setup.

    Let’s see how it is rolled out and if the speeds do indeed improve. Also wi-tribes ‘4.5g’ is garbage and more of a marketing gimic than actual ‘4.5g’. I haven’t seen one test over 50 mbps. Here in Australia, we have true 4.5g, I’ve personally gotten speeds of over 400 mbps on the streets. And wi-tribes 4.5g struggles to get 20 mbps.

    • Bhai for your kind information Wikipedia pay detail ha ap check kr lein , list of mobile operators in pakistan likh k
      850Mhz aor 1800Mhz ko combine nhi kr sakty , aisa mumkin nhi ha , network upgrade kia ha 4G say LTE-A
      ap 4G vs LTE-A likh k search kr sakty hein

      • Thank you for clarifying the LTE-A isn’t just carrier aggregation but a part of LTE-A includes Carrier Aggregation. However, I would like you to search up interband CA because it certainly is possible to do it, it is just more difficult.

  • Ek baat samajh me nahi ati Telenor ka 4G baqi cities mein Band3(1800Mhz) pe kyun kaam nahi karta kyunke mostly 4G handsets Band5(850Mhz) ko support nahi karte jese Huawei Mate10 Lite pe Telenor ka 4G nahi chalta jazz aur zong ka chalta hai.

    • kuch saloon ki baat hia phir yeh maslay masail khatam ho jain gay, saray smartphones support karian gay majority of bands ko.

  • Does anybody knows whether the old Jazz/Warid Telenor and Zong MBB Devices (wingle and Cloud) are capable of taking advantages of the carrier aggregation technology ?

    @disqus_f4KOfxsOH9:disqus you seem to know alot about MHZ :-p

    • Jazz and Zong devices do not even support 850 MHz band 5 forget CA. Telenor’s MBB device supports both the bands separately but CA is highly unlikely.

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