BBC Censors Mention of Indian Spy in Asad Umar’s Interview

Yesterday, Pakistani Twitterati took the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to town for editing an interview Pakistani Finance Minister Asad Umar did for BBC’s HardTalk.

The broadcaster came under fire for not adhering to journalistic ethics by omitting Umar’s remarks regarding incarcerated Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav from the interview altogether. BBC cited that it had edited the interview for ‘technical reasons’ and therefore could not broadcast those extra 14 seconds of the clip in question on TV.

Twitter users from Pakistan, including some of the sitting ministers, lambasted BBC for their clear bias in this regard. Many alleged that the BBC may have chosen not to air ‘anything against India.’

Federal Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari blasted BBC for the ‘shameful act.’

“Shameful how BBC censored and chopped off Asad’s mention of Indian spymaster Jhadav! Typical bias of BBC!”

Pakistan journalists also kept pushing the program “HardTalk” host Stephen Sackur to come up and clarify the situation.

To this, HardTalk’s official Twitter handle not only confessed that it had omitted the Kublhushan part but came up with a ‘clarification’ for its act.

Sackur also shared these tweets from his handle to make a clarification.

After the public outrage, BBC decided that it will be airing the program again today, with the additional 14 seconds pertaining to the Indian spy’s involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan. The event also marks a rare victory on the world media front for Pakistan.

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