Pakistan Post Has an Annual Deficit of Rs.12.5 Billion: Murad Saeed

Pakistan Post has incurred an annual deficit of Rs. 12.5 billion while the government has been taking desperate measures to stabilize the department’s financial position.

Currently, the government has introduced many new services like e-commerce, logistic facilities, and Mobile money order in the country.

However, it seems that the department has a long way to go, as its losses for the last five years are recorded at Rs. 52 billion.

“We are working hard for putting the house in order and to earn double the amount of the deficit,” said Murad Saeed, the Federal Minister for Postal Services while addressing a ceremony at the General Post Office (GPO) Saddar.

As for the event, it was held by the Post Master General (PMG) Northern Punjab Circle Hafiz Zafar Ali Malik for the sake of introducing field staff and officers to the minister.


Pakistan Post Starts 12 Hour Guaranteed Delivery Service

Among others, the GRP employees, PMG Islamabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan were also present at the event.

The federal minister said that the department had to face huge losses and the last five years’ losses have reached Rs. 52 billion. He told that the government intends to computerize postal services to provide speedy services.

Saeed maintained that the government has no plans to privatize the organization. It is working to improve the financial condition of Pakistan Post, he added.

“People will see the difference within three months,” said the minister. “Pakistan Post is heading towards e-commerce, rebranding, mobile money order, and enhanced logistic facilities via a network of 12,000 post offices across the country,” he said.

The minister further told the audience that Pakistan Post has a market of Rs. 80 billion and it can leverage its market share with expanded services and attractive packages.

“We have 40,000 officials and field staff who can bring about a positive change,” he said.

Via: Dawn

  • Ek Lahore K Bande Ne Pakistan Post Se Book Behji thi :
    PKR 150 Rupee Courier Charges & Jab Courier Aya He Asked Sir Wo Kuch CHAI PANI :
    So 50 Rupee Extra Dene Pare :
    But No Slip From Pakistan Post Paper Pe Hath Se Likha tha :

    Better to Merge With TCS

  • Ek Lahore K Bande Ne Pakistan Post Se Book Behji thi :
    PKR 150 Rupee Courier Charges & Jab Courier Aya He Asked Sir Wo Kuch CHAI PANI :
    So 50 Rupee Extra Dene Pare :
    But No Slip From Pakistan Post Paper Pe Hath Se Likha tha :

    Better to Merge With TCS

  • Better, make it Privatized, Pakistan Post office is filled with thieves, you will never receive any product, if you order from abroad by using PPO services.

  • 6 month baad parcel receive ho ga to yahi haal ho ga,,,, ulta line bhi lagna parr sakta hai, national bank ki tarah…

  • Mera appointment letter aaj tak nhi recieved howa in 10 years, or pata chalaa jab HR dept main joining na ky lia final call ki 1 month kay baad. is ki complaint mainay regional Post Master say layker Post Master General tak but kisi ny jawab daina bhi gawara nhi samjha.

    it is better ky Post office ki sari properties ko kisi achay institution main dabdeel kia jai or employees ko Railway and NHA main post kerdia jai.

  • Unregistered Post item from Aliexpress and online buyers theft from PakPost as no track record for them. Even then, deficit. before it was handing by JUI-F leadership

  • I tried using Pakistan post twice. My parents sent me some documents through registered international mail, and after “sorted into bag at Islamabad”, not a single word was updated and I never received the parcel! Same happened again a few weeks later.

    Needless to say, I now only use TCS and DHL.

  • I salute the Honorable Minister Postal Services to change Post deficit Rs.12.5billion, Rs.52 billions and still operative with state money, subsidies, deficiencies, of the nation. As the honorable Minister knows well that member administrations of posts are privatised, and rescued nations with corruptions, deficiencies, of early analog Baboos, generous health perks, education, today when our currency is devalued to an alarming degree. Would it be possible to please disclose in reply to this article of the Post starts 12 hours Guaranteed Delivery Service, the investments made in infrastructure, logistics, transport, disclaimers, claims, etc., etc. Will the nation be able to bear the shocks of Rs.52-00 billion and now in last 5 years. Honorable Minister you already know Pakistan is now in the Road & Belt Iniative of China, which postal administration is one of the biggest, the most efficient, productive, trained and responsible. They are operating one of the best eCommerce in the world today. I would suggest to please send the delegation of Honorable PMG’s of Pakistan to China for one month to adopt, learn, work in Chinese Post Office and return back in Pakistan to train their staff. Honorable Minister the country cannot afford the deficiency, bureaucracy of Post. Once they perform their duties in China, which I hope they will consider if it is sent from your reccomendation and later to decide send 30% of the Administrative Staff, Executant staff, operational staff, thru mechanisation. China handles the largest volumes of postal services as eCommerce to millions of population. The courrier as TCS are not even a fraction of TCS. TCS should learn from Post, as they can establish academy to teach, educate the courrier companies as TCS, DHL which is a Deutche Post company. The post office should acquire some courrier companies as TCS acquired several courrier companies. Why post office does not acquire. The opportunity to train the PMG and their allied administrative staff to China will be an eye opener to Government officialls. After their return you may decide whether to privatise the Post to China and make small efficient working officers supervising using computers. You may also enter into a JV with China Post in collaboration of UPU success.

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