Punjab Digitizes Forest Records with Satellite Imagery

The Punjab administration has digitized forest records with the establishment of a geographic information system (GIS) laboratory which is situated near Ravi Road, Lahore.

As part of the initiative, forest records in the province are being digitally mapped. So far 750,000 acres of the forest land has already been mapped out. While the monitoring and maintenance of the area on a permanent basis is also being switched to digital.

As part of this project 500,000 acres of forest land has already been accounted for through satellite imagery.

With the help of this modern technology we can now confirm the correct number of trees, area and location of a forest in any part of Punjab.

Pretty soon the information will be available to the public via a mobile phone application. The same information is being made available via a web portal.

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) are helping with this. It is expected that both the web portal and the mobile app would be completed by 2019.

Records for plantation on private sector land will also be available. The move is part of the Social Forestry Programme spearheaded by the forest department.

As part of the same program, there are also plans to do reforestation via plantation, with 11,850 acres of land ready to be claimed. 7,500 acres of  this land intended for plantation is in various districts of Thal, including in Khoshab, Mianwali, Bhakar and Layyah.

The project also aims for plantation on 4,350 acres of river land. The Provincial Minister for Forestry Sabtain Khan said that any queries regarding the number of saplings planted as part of the project of the reforested land will be addressed by the GIS lab and the web portal.

  • The best part is that the information is going to be made available to general public. THAT is how it should be, so that people know the stats in such cases.

    • is map mai sab se pehle Shahbaz Sharif ne apne Qabza kiye hue forest lands ko deforestation mai daala hoga…. Audit to banta hai…. What can you expect from Khandaani chor lutairay lol

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