2018 Was The Worst Year for Karachi in Terms of Road Accidents: Edhi Report

2018 has been the worst year in terms of road accidents in Karachi, says a report released by the Edhi Foundation.

According to the report, about 797 people lost their lives while 16,980 people were injured in road accidents. Around 60 percent of these accidents included motorcycles.

Furthermore, deaths occurred because of bullets or wounds from sharp objects were recorded at 460 while 915 injured individuals are still under treatment. The report further implies that firing incidents also increased in 2018 as compared to the last three years.

The report reveals that the Edhi Foundation volunteers had transported bodies of 71 victims of violent attacks to the hospitals. As for the casualties resulting from explosions from bomb, cylinders, and hand grenades, 45 people died while 134 got injured.

Also, around 578 people including children and women sustained injuries in violent attacks by sharp objects or gunfire.


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The statistics also tell that 1260 unclaimed bodies were consigned to the graves in the Edhi Graveyard Mowach Goth in 2018; whereas, biometrically verified 305 bodies and 170 other bodies were given to the families after due identification.

Moreover, the Edhi volunteers also shifted 37 dead bodies from sites of train accidents, 93 drowned people, 51 burnt victims, and 28 people who died of electrocution.

The Foundation also shifted 481,980 bodies and patients through 410 Edhi Ambulances from home to hospital and vice versa on discounted fares. Edhi Volunteers also shifted injured people and bodies in 2,190 emergency cases without any cost. The cases included road mishaps, knife attacks, and firing.

Furthermore, 920 missing children were shifted to the Edhi Child Home in Korangi, Edhi Village, and Edhi Child Home. Apart from that, the Foundation fed 300,000 individuals in langar (free food) during the year.

Via: Tribune

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