Suzuki’s 2019 Gixxer 150CC SF Sports Bike is Coming to Pakistan

Pak Suzuki’s all-new 2019 Gixxer 150CC SF is coming to Pakistan this year.

Reportedly, the vehicle manufacturer has already showcased its bike at an Auto Show in Karachi held on December 23, 2018. According to the available details, the bike will sport a 4-Stroke single cylinder air-cooled engine.

As for the color, this bike has the same theme used by Suzuki for the bikes participating in MotoGP racing. Furthermore, this all-new bike has 56.0 x 62.9 mm Bore and Stroke with 9:1 compression ratio.

Suzuki’s 2019 Gixxer 150CC SF

Both self-start and kickstart options are available. The fuel tank capacity of this bike is around 12 liters, and has 130 kg dry weight.

Suzuki’s 2019 Gixxer 150CC SF

As for its launch date, the company has not announced any. However, chances are it will enter the market in the second or third quarter of this year. Apart from the launch date, no price has been divulged yet.

Via: PakWheels

  • Why Imported ? Why Pak Suzuki Cannot Make Locally ?

    • Xahid

      Where did you read, they will import it?

  • Xahid

    Too much plastic for 150CC engine, just to create hype!

    • muhammad shuaib

      I think it would much better if the ferries were removed.

      • Fairing will give you wind protection, something which our motorcycle riders in Pakistan have no clue of.

        • muhammad shuaib

          Well naked bikes are also a thing.

          • You already have many choices among those.

  • Pretty sure it’s going to be a 300k sub-par 150cc motorcycle. 150cc class isn’t what it used to be years ago. Now there are a lot of competitors in the market, so Suzuki needs to come back to their senses and set their prices accordingly.

    • DJ

      and why pay 300k for 150 CC … 125CC class below 150K is better and successful :)