Sindh Govt to Launch Biometric Verification for Vehicle Ownership Transfer

Motor Vehicle Transfer Rules are to be amended for the introduction of a biometric system for the verification of the buyer and the seller of any vehicle, preventing vehicles that are being used with an open letter.

The above proposition was discussed in the meeting presided over by Sindh’s Provincial Minister for Excise and Taxation & Narcotics Control and Parliamentary Affairs, Mukesh Kumar Chawla.

DG Excise and Taxation, Shabbir Ahmed Sheikh, gave a briefing to the meeting. He told that the Excise department has received complaints of certain vehicles using open letters. Therefore, it has decided to take this action.


Excise Dept Sets Deadline for People Using Cars Under Open Letters of Transfer

He said that the department has sent a proposal to the government to launch a biometric system for verification of the seller and the buyer at the time of vehicle transfer and its registration.

“The department has completed all the codal formalities regarding the launch of Smart Cards and it has more security features as compared to smart card introduced by Punjab Government,” said the official.

During the meeting, the provincial minister expressed satisfaction that use of the vehicles with open letters has reduced remarkably. He further asked the officers to take more steps to discourage the practice entirely.

The minister also appraised the arrangements being made for the upcoming Road Checking Campaign.

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    • Open letter means, that the buyer buys the car and does not get it transferred to his name. While the seller fills all the forms needed for the buyer’s registration at the time of the sale and since the buyer does not get it transferred to his name, its called “Open Letter”. In simple words you purchase car and use it yourself, while in the books the seller is technically still the owner. In case you or someone else, misuses this car, the police will come looking for the seller as it is in his name.

  • What’s next?
    Sindh Govt. impose Biometric verification for the use of public toilets?

    Wait, there are no public toilets in Sindh!

    • Sindh Government Impose BioMetric In EveryWhere like as :

      ) For Transportation
      ) For Bike Starting
      ) For Car Starting
      ) For Parking
      ) For Foods Taking
      ) For Walking
      ) For Talking
      ) For Absussing
      ) For Accident
      ) For Blood Donate
      ) For SMS Sending
      ) For Calling
      ) For Marriage
      ) For Baby Delivery
      ) For OPD
      ) For Medicine Taking
      ) For Coaching
      ) For School
      ) For Collage
      ) For University

      Wait & See SIndhi Sayai Sarkar Management Working

  • Look at the huge inconvenience to the genuine sellers it will cause, not to mention the case where the owner be abroad and wants to dispose off the vehicle via family/friends.
    Also this is going to be a huge trouble of people out of province.
    ‘Aqal Choos’, devising strange new things to hide their own incompetence.

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