Telcos with Fastest 3G and 4G Speeds in Pakistan Revealed in PTA Survey

In 2018, PTA conducted quarterly surveys in 27 cities across Pakistan to monitor the quality of service being provided by the telecom operators in Pakistan.

All the telcos were ranked on various metrics for performance in data, voice, and SMS.

Here’s how they performed:


Zong had the fasted 3G while Jazz topped the charts for 4G speeds in 2018 in Pakistan.

User data throughput (3G)

User data throughput (4G)


Service Accessibility

Ufone led with a network availability of 99.90% while Telenor was last among the major telcos with a network availability of 98.98%.

Grade of service

Have you ever tried using the services provided by your cell service provider and been unable to, despite the network indicator showing signals are available? That’s called network blocking and grade of service measures exactly that.

Ufone had the best grade of service with a score of 0.10% while Telenor was last with 1.02%.

Call connection time

Call completion ratio

End to end speech quality

Zong had the best clarity of voice (as perceived by a listener) and Telenor had the worst.

Session abnormal release rate

This metric measures how often users abnormally lose connection. Telenor was last with a 1.64% drop rate while Ufone was first with only 0.30% dropped rate.


SMS success rate

End to end SMS delivery time

Ufone took the most time to deliver an SMS while Zong took the least.

For a more detailed look at how each telco performed in PTA’s quality of service survey and how the regulating body defined each metric, you can check out the full report here.

Talal is a Director at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • Nice Survey By PTA But Upload Content is Blank

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    Jazz leads in 4G. Rest belongs to Zong. Jazz 4G will also become pathetic with passage of time when users will increase. Overall Zong is better network.

    • DJ

      Zong Vs JAZZ in long term .. Ufone and telenor you need to become one to play fair !! :)

    • Atif

      i think jazz already have way more users than zong and have experienced zong 4g going down the hill in past year.

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Not in 4G.

        • Atif

          what you mean not in 4g?
          userbase is huge and these days most phones have 4g.

          • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

            Jazz 4G customers are less than Zong 4G customers. Their 3G customers are double than Zong 4G customers.

            • Atif

              how do you know that? doesnt make sense unless jazz have less 4g enabled towers.

              • C

                He’s right. Jazz has fewer 4G users as it was late to the MBB party that Zong is currently leading. 4G subscribers with mobile handsets don’t put nearly as much load on the network as MBB subscribers do because MBB subscribers have much higher data caps. The only downside is that their SIMs are not able to make calls.

                When it comes to 4G MBB subscribers, Zong has Jazz beat by a significant margin.

              • C

                Jazz also has fewer 4G enabled towers actually so you’re right on that too. Currently it’s either Telenor or Zong with the most 4G towers.

              • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

                PTA publish Telecom isers data monthly. Zong has huge number of 4G customers, even double than Jazz. And Zong has 10k 4G enabled towers. Jazz could only has 4k maximum towers because they started so after Zong. So Zong 4G is almost everywhere now. But Jazz 4G is only at big cities. Small towns and roads are missing. Jazz need 2-3 years more to have 4G towers like the numbers of Zong.

  • Azhar Jamal

    Zong with dominating results in this Survey. A New Dream is on right track

  • Denis Franklin

    This survey is a nice indicator of quality of services by each vendor. I would second that Telenor has become the worst network of Pakistan. Their services are pathetic. Everything thing from call quality to internet speeds.

  • Muhammad Abrar Ali

    Kaha Gay Aaj Ufone ko Thakarr Network kehny Waale Ufone is Best in Coverage and Voice Quality from all of the Rest

    • ab koi Ufone chalata nahi :P fast to hoga he khali network, 0333 code dekh ker yaad ata hay kay han aisa bhi koi network hay jo nazar nai ata

      • Muhammad Abrar Ali

        Still the user and More to come asap

        • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

          Only super card users use ufone 3g with limited data. This reason behind their stable 3G. And Ifone has far more spectrum than their users which is why they are not facing anuly congestion like Telenor.

        • Hammad

          Ufone Jindabad

          • Muhammad Abrar Ali

            Exactly :)

    • Hassan ulHaq

      in terms of call quality i can totally say ufone is best i have all network sims but ufone is best among all in terms of data they lack sometimes.

  • Telenor here in Faisalabad city connects calls in around 4 to 6 seconds. Better than all other networks. Jazz/Warid give phone switched off even when phones are ON, takes 6 to 10+ seconds to ring a call.

    SMS between Jazz/Warid and Telenor users are often delayed for about 2 minutes.

    Browsing speed on 3G is worst, on 4G its best, better than Zong.
    Downloading speed on 4G is around 10mbps

    Zong was best in internet quality but since several months their network signal issues, speed went down.

    Jazz is improving download speed on 4G, but browsing is not as fast as of Telenor.

  • Jalil Jahanzaib Khan

    i am surprised but…Telenor acha he..

  • Askarian

    Zong = Good 4G speed but flaky, signals drop to 1 in certain areas. Also at 3G no browsing
    Telenor = More consistent coverage of 4G in most areas and indoors but call quality is pathetic
    Ufone = Decent call quality, coverage and connectivity
    Jazz = Havent tried as yet

  • I tried all networks, Jazz currently have best 4G in Islamabad and even in rural areas, may be due to Warid network merge, while Telenor 4g is better then zong.

  • Netherdrake

    Zong 4G is just getting worse and worse every year.

  • Mahrukh

    This survey is going to help many people in making the right choices especially with 4G services

  • MehfoOz ALi

    This is making me do a poll on my profile.

  • MehfoOz ALi

    After seeing this survey I ran a quick poll on my twitter and Jazz won for 4g

  • Hiba

    I own 3 different networks and out of those 3 Jazz 4G services are way better for work and study purposes

  • Noor ul Huda

    Agreeing with 4G results because of personal experience with Jazz 4G device

  • Adnan Alam

    Zong and Jazz are balancing out each other in the survey.

  • Shahmeer DX

    Have been using Ufone, Zong and Jazz for a long time. Zong is always connected throughout the motorways and in distant locations even. But lets see what healthy competition bring in for us.

  • Hafiz Abdul Rahman

    This report is not based on reallity

  • Kaka

    Any news on Ufone being bought by any MOTI PARTY? Had been listening from years that Zong is interested in buying out Ufone but it didn’t happen… :D

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      There are many technicalities in ufone sale. Primarily because of Govt share.

  • Pizzarooo

    Zong definitely because its a child of ChinaMobile which is very famous here in China Shanghai, i am using its services for about more than 6 years and its awesome.

    Hopefully Chinese engineers will have the 5G as well for Zong