Here’s How Indians Reacted to Imran Khan’s Congratulatory Tweet for Team India

Prime Minister Imran Khan has a unique way of introducing himself to the world. Every time he faces any hurdle, he elegantly maneuvers his way out of it.

India mishandled his call for peace in the victory speech back in August 2018. He bounced Modi out with ‘Chota Admi’ comment.

Khan then bowled another out-swinging delivery by opening Kartarpur Border and now uprooted his Indian counterpart’s off stump with a quick in-swinging Yorker! That’s Imran Khan for you!

On Monday, Indian cricket team, under the leadership of Virat Kohli, made history in Australian soil. By thumping Kangaroos 2-1 in their own backyard, India became the first ever Asian team to register a Test series win in Australia.

Khan didn’t sit back like a ‘chota admi’ but showed a classical gesture by congratulating team India and its captain on such a huge achievement.

His tweet was received with both hands by Indian cricket fans and earned a lot of respect. Some people even called it a ‘brilliant diplomatic move.’

Here’s what Indian Twitterati is saying about Khan’s tweet:

  • It would be immature to judge a few comments on the social media. We should fix our country first and then care what the reactions our neighbours have for us. This is just few hundred or thousands reaction. Remember, millions still harbour hate towards us.

    • Dear there was a very old saying remember! qatra qatra kar ke samundar banta hai. I think u may understand what I mean.

      • Yes I completely agree. But Social media does not represent the true pulse. If social media was the true representation of a nation, why do you conduct elections? Why are foreign policies drafted by the elected representatives? If 100 citizens condemn our PM IK on social media, do you think that the whole Pakistan has the same sentiments? The point I am trying to make is that these kind of articles are just posted to gain views which cannot be trusted on face value. I hope you understand this.

  • Presenting one sided selected comments distorts the truth and gives a false picture. This insults readers intelligence. They then move away.

  • PM Khan is a Hindu lover. He should also applaud and congratulate India when they shoot Pakistan soldiers and civilians across the LoC.

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