Pakistan Is the Most Patriotic Nation in Asia: Report

World Index’s latest report has ranked Pakistan as the most patriotic nation in all the Asian Countries as 89 percent of its citizens are ready to fight for the country.

World Index’a report titled “ASIA: Willing to fight for the country” ranks Pakistan and Vietnam on first and second spot with 89% of people expressing patriotism towards their homeland.

The report is based on the data collected by the Gallup survey in Asian countries.

Bangladesh, formerly part of a United Pakistan, was on the third spot with 86% patriotism among the citizens, as per the index.

While Afghanistan, remained in the fourth position with 76%, India was ranked fifth in the index with only 75% of the people agreeing to fight for the country in time of needs.

The list goes on to rank Philippine, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan respectively.

    • Correlation does not equal causation.

      One has to consider Japan’s political climate. The last time Japan fought in a war, Japan’s public was forced into participating in WW2. A war during which they suffered terribly under the rulers as much as by their opponents. The ruling class committed heinous crimes against its citizens as well as prisoners of war.
      Due to the expense of the war the nation went into extreme poverty. If that wasn’t bad enough, Japan remains the only country in the world which got nuked… TWICE! Due to these reasons and more war is looked down upon in Japan and they prefer peaceful solutions.

      Is it REALLY a surprise then that the average Japanese citizen isn’t keen on more wars?

      • Yeah it’ll take a nuclear attack by India to force us from the path of militarization too. Until then the cult of the army will continue to dominate.

      • Not just Japan, see the complete list. As Mr Sami has pointed below in the comments, citizens of developed nations tend to firmly believe in principles than blindly believing in geographical boundaries.

        • That’s something I can agree on. Principles are far more valuable and worth fighting for, rather than vague geographical boundaries that keep changing.

  • Pakistanis only give lip service to patriotism. In their day to day lives they steal water, electricity, bribe government workers or seek bribes themselves, litter the streets, employ children, exploit and cheat each other. In reality if push came to shove Pakistan would fold like a house of cards. The people are so corrupt they will gladly welcome any foreign invader that flashes money at them.

    • Jab apni khamiyon ka malum hota hai to ek jazbaa peda hota hai ussey theek karne ka aur wo he Pakistani kar rahe hain iss waqt aur issi ko he Patriotism kehte hain kuch “Shaytaan” logon ki tarah nhn k duniya k saamne apne tirange k gunn gao aur baad mein usi tirange pe moot do 🤔🤔🤔

  • Interestingly correlation between HDI ( Human Development Index) , economy and patriotism. The people in developed nations are willing to fight for their principles, not for their countries. The people in developing nations are willing to fight for their countries no matter what.
    I will also fight for the principles and truthfulness only. I don’t want to fight to for geographical boundaries.

  • Surprised to see China on the 8th place… figure their public is only suppressed to do nationalism.

  • Willing to Fight 100% Willing to work hard for country or world Pakistan: 0%

    These Toppers hosting world’s largest uneducated, low intellectual and religiously fanatic population of the world. their socio-economic situation is the worst in the world.

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