Islamabad United Suffered Rs. 426 Million in Losses Despite Triumph

It adds up to more than Rs. 415.8 million. This is how; the franchise suffered a loss of Rs. 184.1 million in the opening season.

In total, the franchise suffered losses over Rs. 184.1 million in 2016 despite winning the season.

Similarly, during PSL 2, United’s damages were recorded over Rs. 241.9 million.

The report informs that the franchise got over Rs. 105.6 million and over Rs. 77 million from the pool and sponsorship deals.


Lahore Qalandars Spent Rs. 200 Million on Player Development Despite Massive Losses

The expenditure details for the second season are as follows:

  • Rs. 172.5 million as an annual fee to PCB
  • Rs. 182.6 million on central expenses
  • Rs. 12 million for transportation
  • Rs. 20.2 million on management and administration
  • Rs. 12.9 million on merchandising
  • Rs. 23.7 million on advertisements


Peshawar Zalmi Showered Players With Mega Rewards, Still Avoided Huge Losses

The amount sums up to be a little over Rs. 423.9 million. This is how the defending champions suffered losses of Rs. 241.9 million in PSL 2017.

Via: Cricket Pakistan

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