Govt to Collect Duties and Taxes on Imported Vehicles in Dollars

In a bid to strengthen the value of Rupee against the dollar, the government of Pakistan has rolled out its new import policy for vehicles.

Under this policy, the government has decided to collect all the taxes and duties on imported vehicles in US dollar.

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) approved the policy on Tuesday.


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Previously, the government’s Personal Baggage or Gift Scheme allowed international passengers to bring home the cars they bought abroad. Sending such items as a gift to a family member or friend was also allowed under the policy.

However, the government had to put heavy duties on imported cars as the policy was widely misused and people started to use it for commercial purposes.


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According to experts, the business of imported cars results in a drain of millions of dollars, inflates import bills and also aids in the growing trade deficit, something the government cannot afford due to economic instability.

An official in the ministry of Finance has said on the condition of anonymity that the decision was taken to support the State Bank’s foreign exchange reserves, which have reached as low as $7 billion.

The policy is expected to come into effect after the announcement of the second mini-budget on January 23.

Via: ToI

  • Hahah this will only weaken the rupee! The main way in which governments give their country’s currency value is by creating demand for it as a means of paying taxes. If the GoP is saying that the rupee is not good enough for paying taxes then that will only weaken demand for the currency! What a moronic decision!

    • the article is incomplete. Govt has restricted the payment of duties and taxes from the remittance sent by the owner abroad who sends the vehicle. The remittance must land in owner’s Pakistani account or their relatives account. This will create more inflow of dollar.

  • Bhai Un K damaad ki hukoomat hai… Un ki currency hi chlay gi….
    Dharna guys are not even compare able with the dust of Ishaaq Dar. Idiots

  • What a pathetic and stupid idea, Do they even use Brain to make such decision?

    Or maybe its another Fake News?

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