Only Qaseeda Burda Shareef Will Be Played on PIA Flights From Now On

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Chairman, Air Marshal Arshad Malik, has directed the national flag carrier to stop playing music during flights.

He said that instead of music, Qaseeda Burda Shareef should be played from now onwards.

Prior to this order, soft music was played in the background when the passengers were boarding and getting off the plane.

Now, it will play Qaseeda Burda Shareef during all national and international flights. The airline has started playing the said ode as a trial run on flights from Islamabad to Lahore.


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The national flag carrier will also solicit the passenger’s responses to the new rule to assess whether it should be extended to all the flights.

It is pertinent to mention here that a recitation for a safe journey (due-e-safar) is also recited before a flight begins.

The PIA chief has also announced that PIA will come up with a comprehensive business plan within three months to turn itself into a profit-generating entity.

He said that despite the availability of a few professionals, the airline is unable to perform well.

Via: ARY

    • yeah man it’s great. tax the poor to run an airline for the elite at a loss and then play naath on it so that the religious poor don’t feel so bad at being ripped off by their own government.

  • Shameful priorities of the PIA chairman. He should concentrate on professionalism only. PIA has a problem of losses, deficit, punctuality, world’s highest employee to plane ratio, old planes and less educated staff. Moreover they are one of the most expensive as well.
    It is not the job of any Professional Aviator to force any religion on any airlines. Even Saudi, Kuwait and Emirates don’t do that.
    Kindly correct your priorities. Professionalism and religion should be separated. This is how Engineering, tech and aerospace companies should work.

    • unfortunately islam is not merely a religion. it’s a way of life and must be incorporated in all aspects of your life. that’s why it is in planes, politics and procreation!

  • We have non Muslim Pakistanis too. Our 3 percent population is Non Muslim. Also Shias don’t recite this Qaseeda Burda Sharif. that are additional 15 percent Pakistan.

    Our infrastructures should not represent one Religion with one Sect only, rather they should represent all Pakistanis. Pakistan is for all Pakistanis, not for Sunni Muslims only.

    I hope this decision should be a hoax. The whole world is becoming inclusive and we are getting exclusive day by day.

    Imagine American airlines or any European airline forcing the Bible verses on all passengers?. There will be outrage by the Muslims. So why we are doing the same with our minorities??.

    • they also removed the markhor from the logo because depiction of animals is not allowed in islam. the new boss sounds like an extremist.

      • “depiction of animals is not allowed in islam”
        Interesting, coming from a polytheist. Can you tell me where the Qur’an says that?

    • This is a naat for Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him). Even though I fail to understand your self deprecation at being who you are, but insulting a naat of the Prophet is a very serious matter — you are aware that your IP is being monitored, and you can be tracked to your REAL home.
      I am considering whether to lodge a complain about your posts here to PEMRA and having you arrested under the law, so that keyboard warriors like you get what is due to them — if you are so brave then perhaps you would like to explain your actions in a court of law why you are mocking and insulting a naat of the Prophet so openly? — I have taken a screenshot for future reference.
      Expect action.
      I also want to ask Aamir what has happened to ProPakistani? Are all your editors dead that they cannot see such things, or are you hoping for someone to shut down your website for lack of editorial control?

      • After the restrictions, i think many pakistani kids know about vpns now.
        So if this person is from outside PK, then PEMRA or others have no power in that area.
        If they are from inside PK, they just might have some other IP anyway.

  • Upgrade your fleet PIA, You are still living in 90s like Desi bus with central TV. Each seat should have it’s own multimedia & it’s up to his/her choice.

  • Wouldnt it have been better to play the supplicaiton for joruney (Dua-e-Safar) rather than a qaseeda? Seems out of place…..

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