Peshawar Bans Use of Plastic Bags

Peshawar remains a step ahead in the Clean & Green Pakistan initiative as its district administration has banned the sale and use of all kinds of plastic shopping bags in the metropolitan city.


The administration issued an executive order in this regard on Tuesday.

In this order, the Deputy Commissioner, Dr Imran Sheikh, has directed all the mega malls, shopping centers and medical stores in the city to dispose of their stock of plastic bags.


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The administration has given a 15-day ultimatum period to do that.

It has further instructed shopping malls to use bio-degradable shopping bags while the medical stores have been asked to use paper bags instead.

According to the administration, the placement of the ban on shopping bags will help avoid environmental pollution, choking of drains and other hazards.


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It will also minimize the health risks polythene bags and plastic products can cause if an eatable or drinkable material is carried in them.

Via: Tribune


  • Ban does not change and will never change anything. People have no alternative. Give them paper bags and then ban anything. No one will enforce this ban anyway. It is just for the facebook and twitter likes.

  • Everybody is talking about paper bags. Just go back to carrying your own cloth bag. “Thaila” . European countries are moving towards using of cloth bags. Which you can easily put inside your pocket. Any tailor in Pakistan will stich such bag in 15 minutes for you. Just use those.

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