Turkey Invited to Invest in Pakistan Railways

Pakistan has invited Turkey to investment on Quetta-Taftan and Quetta-Gwadar Railway section to fully connect the port with other parts of the region including Central Asia.

This was confirmed by Ali Nawaz Malik, spokesperson for Pakistan Railways, after an eight-member delegation of Turkish State Railway companies, Talamsas and Raymisas, visited the Ministry. The delegation also met Railways Minister, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, on Monday.

Malik said that Turkey has shown interest to help upgrade Pakistan Railways and its operations.

Railways Minister apprised the delegation of the policies of the Pakistan Railways. He also invited the delegation to invest in Pakistan. He said both the countries had brotherly relations and that “Turk companies must come here and make an investment.”

Sheikh Rashid said that Pakistan is upgrading its rail network with international partnership. He welcomed Turkish interest in Pakistan’s Railways. He said all projects of Pakistan railways are open for Turkish companies and they are ready to work with them.

He said Pakistan will definitely benefit from the Turkish expertise and experience for up-gradation of Risalpur Locomotive and Railway carriage factories. The Railways Minister said the entire region could be connected through railways which will usher in a new era of development. The Turkish delegation will visit different facilities of Pakistan Railways during its five-day tour.

During the discussion, Rasheed Ahmed said that the government is planning to construct Quetta-Taftan and Quetta-Gwadar section on modern lines. Turkish investment on the project would be welcomed as it would enhance regional connectivity, investment, economic and trade relations, the minister added.

Quetta–Taftan Railway Line is one of the four main railway lines in Pakistan operated and maintained by Pakistan Railways. The line begins from Quetta station and ends at Koh-e-Taftan station.

The total length of this railway line is 325 kilometers. There are 23 railway stations from Quetta to Koh-e-Taftan. The line then crosses into Iran and extends to Zahedan.

Pakistan will also benefit from the experience of Turkey and it will be beneficial for economies of both the countries, the minister added.

The delegation will stay in the country for five days, meet officials and inspect infrastructure of the Pakistan Railways for prospective investment.

Currently, around 300 locomotives are operating in Pakistan and Turkish side offered investment in this regard by rehabilitating dysfunctional locomotives.

However, no final decision was taken as the delegation will visit different areas and meet officials before reaching a conclusion, he added.

  • What i don’t understand that the government is hounding away top investors from Pakistan and then inviting Turks, Arabs and Chinese for all the projects??.
    Mian Mansha ( Combined value of 6 Billion US Dollars), Malik Riaz and so many businessmen are being targeted by PTI goons and being hounded to stop all projects in Pakistan. Now foreign investors are invited in their place.
    Mian Mansha and so many top businesmen have shifted their investments to Bangladesh, Vietnam and middle east and the the government did nothing to stop them.

    Especially Punjabi top businessmen are always targeted and forced to stop business in Pakistan, whereas Pushtoons ( Tareens, Qauris, Khans, Niazis etc) and Urdu speakers are always appreciated and never touched by anyone. .

    First give respect to your own Pakistani businessmen and then expect others to do the same.

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