Pakistan Gets Its First Business Journalist Bot

If you are or planning to be a business journalist, you’re now competing against a robot in Pakistan.

Pakistan has launched its first-ever business robot journalist. It goes by the name of Dante and can write and publish a comprehensive report on the traded stocks at the Pakistan Stock Exchange after the closure of the market.

It can accomplish the task within a few seconds. The Chief Executive Officer of Base Technologies, Anisuddin Sheikh, told that the ‘journalist’ has been writing stock exchange reports for the past few days.


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He revealed this in a signing ceremony, which was to seek money from the Elahi Group of Companies for the project at the National Incubation Center at NED University.

Dante can also do weather and sports reporting. It will also be prepared to enable it to report on different sectors like education, health, and culture.

Dante is actually a software-based bot and can be “hired” by the financial sector, including the asset management firms and securities brokerage houses, to write detailed financial reports and acquire information for investment and divestment decisions.

A statement in this regard read as “This is the highest level of initial valuation in the artificial intelligence/tech space in Pakistan fetched by any company so far.”