German Ambassador’s Bicycle Gets the Truck Art Treatment and It’s Amazing!

You must be familiar with the German Ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler, by now. He has been very active on the social media in the past couple of years, highlighting social issues as well as the positives of Pakistan. The best thing about the diplomat is that he loves Pakistani truck art.

Kobler had earlier painted his foxy with desi truck art, making waves on Twitter. Now, the Ambassador has got his bicycle painted from Rawalpindi and it is pretty amazing. He shared the pictures of his ride’s new look on Twitter, asking people for their feedback on its colors.

Earlier, the Ambassador had expressed his desire to have a touch of desi colors in his daily life. He took his bicycle to a local truck artist in Rawalpindi in search of something exciting.

Pakistanis are truly in love with the German and his active social media presence. Here’s what the people said about the new colors on his bike.


Super cool.

Lovely art indeed.

How about giving up German nationality, Mr. Kobler?

Or gift it to him?

Others are inspired.

The best Ambassador ever?

A true Ambassador of art.

What are your views on the new-look bicycle? Let us know in the comments section.

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