Zong 4G and Huawei Partner to Use AI & Big Data to Improve Network Connectivity

Zong 4G and Huawei have announced a partnership for digital transformation. The partnership will see the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to enable Zong 4G in offering seamless connectivity and digitally enhanced solutions for its customers.

The collaboration will ensure the development of a state of the art system to utilize the new technologies in optimizing processes for network expansion through higher levels of efficiency. With the market-leading capability for accurate prediction to meet the capacity demands, the technologically advanced solution will improve the network planning and deployment of new cell sites & existing network’s expansion, consequently, ensuring seamless network experience for more than 10 million 4G subscribers.

Zong 4G is the first and only 4G operator to deploy more than 10,000 4G sites across Pakistan – providing high-speed internet access to the people of Pakistan at an unprecedented scale. Through this partnership, Zong 4G is augmenting the network planning and deployment capabilities to affirm its position as the undisputed leader of 4G performance and coverage.

“By partnering with Huawei, we will enhance network planning and expansion to deliver uninterrupted connectivity for our customers. This partnership reflects Zong 4G’s commitment of delivering the best possible experience to our customers. Through constant upgradation and enhancement of our network, our focus is to further improve our customers’ satisfaction,” said Mr. Wang Hua, Chairman and CEO Zong 4G.

“In today’s world, becoming digital has become imperative. Due to technological progress, lives are becoming intelligent. Thus, it’s our job to combine the digital potential of Big Data, smart analytics into systems to address the ever-evolving needs of our clients,” said Mr. Chilinchun, CEO Huawei Pakistan.

The partnership of leading technology companies with Zong 4G is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing unparalleled services to the customers.

  • In Sub K Face Dekh K (We Can’t Say that “Zong Wale Kun Hai Aur Huawei Wale Kun Hai ”


  • Hamain yeh pata hi Nahi h k yeh sab technology ki race main hamara personal data china&different countries ko diya jaa raha h,
    Hamaray country main kon sa Law kaam kar raha h technology data pay?

    Why America, Canada & other countries are going to Ban Huawei?

    • Jin countries ne banned kiya hai wo american puppets hain , ye race 5G ki hai k kaun ye technology use kare ga aur huawei is time global leader hai, America khud ooper aana chah raha hai is liye bekaar si harkaten kar raha hai

        • Huawei has a contract between major european countries as well America, Huawei sells the equipment regarding 5G technology as I mentioned earlier Huawei is a global leader regarding the wireless equipments, and if you know anything about 5G technology and it’s usage then you’ll also knows that which country leads the 5G tech that country will became a next super power easily.

    • Pak Lover statement to be noted by the regulatory authority and the honorable Mr. Chilinchin CEO Huawei, Pakistan partner Mr. Wang Hua, chairman CEO Zong 4G as the 5G trails are completed in collaboration with both the companies under the regulatory purview. It is expected the 4th Digital Revolution perceived by the Honorable President Pakistan’s reflections will take place immediately after the GSMA 2019 Barcelona paving the way to the revolution of Pakistan after 5G taking off from Barcelona to Pakistan for the infrastructure, trails of Robotaxis testing from large metropolitan cities suffering from road safety disciplines viewed by the UN/WHO Road Safety Commission worldwide. We need thousand of buses with (Intelligent Network) IN to prevent road accidents/injuries in Pakistan based on technologies in Pakistan with support for compliant networks to improvement in public transport, road safety, also compliment by the newer satellite Baidu focused on our regional with such attributes. Best wishes for all support for development of Pakistan

  • Because of the news grooming around about the Huawei ban, they are trying to sell their banned smartphones in Pakistan cause we don’t know what they’re doing but they’ve Provided AI and big data in zong to water poeple and we think it’s a ” Smartphone Leading Company ” .
    India knows the reality of Huawei and that’s why they use MI smartphones which is the true smartphone leading company.

    • True Mr. Ansari Zong/China Mobile is worlds leading cellular network company, with millions of users worldwide including China with largest number of users. China Mobile always buys handsets/smart phones from vendors in China, and Rest of the World. They lead the world for successful 5G trails, with millions and millions of customers/users in the region and the Rest of the World. I suggest you please visit GSMA2019 Barcelona which will answer your concerns to the best satisfaction with questions directly from Huawei President, CEO, with their products on display, and answer your questions. Please do attend the show and show your concerns to the President of Huawei Technologies.

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