Almost 80% of Railway Tracks Are Past Their Expiry Date

About 80 percent of railway tracks and bridges in the country have completed their life span and 1482 unmanned level crossings on operational sections of Pakistan Railways need due attention to avert any kind of mishap, official sources have revealed.

While these bridges are being maintained and rehabilitate, they still require immediate attention to avoid any kind of mishap. Some of these bridges are over 100 years old.

The overage percentage of tracks in the railway system, with respect to the classification of tracks, is as follows;

  • There are 13,959 major & minor bridges in the system where the design life varies by different years. Although, 86% of Railways Bridges are more than 100 years old but regular maintenance, rehabilitation & strengthening of these bridges continues according to prescribed scheduled and at present all Pakistan Railways bridges are considered to be safe for train operations due to effective maintenance.
  • The SOPs for inspection of bridges in accordance with the different schedules i.e. monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually are followed.
  • Pakistan Railways plans to upgrade Main Line-1 (except Khanewal-Shor Kot-Faisalabad-Shahdara Section) from Karachi to Peshawar via Lahore under CPEC, which includes up-gradation of the entire railway line, and dualization of track between Lahore to Peshawar via Rawalpindi, during the next five years.
    However, 730 kilometer track has been rehabilitated/ partially rehabilitated through Complete Track Renewal, Sleeper Renewal and Rail Renewal under different PSDP Projects. PC-I for rehabilitation of Track and Bridges in Sukkur Division is in process.
  • Furthermore, all the bridges are inspected annually as per schedule & minor repairs are carried out departmentally in routine to ensure safety.
  • Recently, 230 bridges have been rehabilitated under various development projects.

There are 2777 level crossings on operational sections of Pakistan Railways (1295 Manned & 1482 Unmanned).

The inspection of Level Crossings (Track Portion & Road Portion) is carried out regularly by the field Engineers and Supervisor to maintain the Level Crossings as per prescribed standard.

The track parameters are kept fully maintained as per standards for safe running of trains. However, a complete overhauling of all level crossings is carried out annually. In the case of deposit work, the road owning authorities are responsible to bear the cost for operation and maintenance of Level Crossings. The maintenance is carried out on the receipt of maintenance charges from the sponsoring agencies.

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    Our Railway Track, Train, Radar System, Airport Lane, Plane, Steel Mill, Etc Already Past Expiry Date

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  • And Sheikh Rasheed has still not taken any steps for maintenance or up-gradation. I guess eating Nehari in Gawalmandi comes first…

      • That is not my job to do. That is what we elected them to do and they are still sleeping after so many months. What has he done for Railway so far? NOTHING.

          • Profits need to be utilized as well my friend as clearly the entire system needs to be upgraded but we still see no action plan on doing so. Cheez behtar nahi karni to profit kiya peechay lena hai?

            • bhai abhi tracks upgrade ho rahe hain aur pure mulk mei aik sath to nahi ho jayen gi na aur funds bhi kam hain puray mulk k tracks upgrade karne k liye.time lagay ga

            • Jis cheez ka pata na ho us pe behas nahin karte. Har cheez ki priority hoti hai. Kam paise hoon ge tu zaroori kaam pehle kiye jaate hain. Expiry ka matlab yeh koi doodh ki expiry nahin ke ji expiry date ke baad phat jaye ga. Is ka matlab accounting expiry hai ke asset mukammal tor pe depreciate ho chuke hain books mein laikin yeh nahin ke kaam karna chhor den ge.

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