Pakistan to Locally Manufacture Railway Passenger Coaches from Next Year

The Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed has announced that Pakistan Railways will start manufacturing passenger coaches in at its Carriage Factory from next year.

He made this announcement while addressing Railways workers in Lahore on Friday.

During his address at Pakistan Railways Carriage Factory, the minister promised to stop importing passenger bogies in the future.

“I promise that no passenger coach will be imported from next year and all the passenger bogies will be prepared in Pakistan Railway factory.”


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Sheikh Rasheed also announced an allowance of Rs. 3000 for each laborer of the carriage factory.

“On behalf of the Prime Minister Imran Khan, I am announcing an allowance of Rs. 3000 for every laborer here,” he added.

He further added that 140 out of 360 employees of the PRCF would get the allowance in the first phase, another 140 in the second phase and the rest will get the money in the final phase.

The minister said he could issue the fund for all the employees in one go, but does not want to put the burden on the national exchequer.

  • Why the allowance? All bonus and allowance should be based on performance metrics that are clearly defined instead of the whims of a specific person. This sort of stuff is why all our state owned enterprises are overstaffed and extremely unproductive

  • The carriage factory in Islamabad was established in 1971 and had been producing passenger coaches and goods wagons for our trains as well as for export. I believe it is being revived. The locomotive factory in Risalpur was built, I think in the early ninetees, for producing locomotives. I suppose it is also going to be revived. This is a very positive step by the looks of it.

  • Shoes sab has good intentions but weak budiness acumen. We need to know difference between a manufacturer and an operator. Manufacture invest to make product for wider market. It is like saying PIA will start making own planes. I don’t think these labours have the capacity to make global competitive trains. They should be used for maintenance. If we make world level boggles then we need to export too. Otherwise no use.

  • India is gone to semi bullet train. 180km/h. I do not think Pakistan has skilled man power to make advanced boxes and it does not make sense to internally make advanced boxes if we do not want to export. And if we want to export does we have enough skilled labour to compete globally?

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