Ufone is Going 4G/LTE in Pakistan

Yes, you heard it right. Ufone is launching its 4G/LTE services in Pakistan, we have checked with our sources.

We are getting reports that Ufone’s 4G services are already made available for customers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Ufone has confirmed ProPakistani about the development.

Twitter users in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are already noticing Ufone 4G/LTE services.

Ufone didn’t confirm the cities where it is launching 4G but said that Ufone 4G/LTE network will be introduced across the country in phases.

From sources, however, we know that Ufone 4G/LTE is available in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, starting immediately while major metropolitan cities including Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, and Karachi will get Ufone 4G/LTE in the next few weeks.

Ufone customers can dial *4# to check if their SIMs are 4G compatible or not and also if Ufone 4G/LTE is available in their area or not.

Ufone had been advocating its 3G network since the start, and that’s probably why it didn’t upgrade to 4G for over half a decade.

The company claimed that 3G speeds – if service quality is maintained – are sufficient for users in Pakistan. However, with this new decision, it seems that the company is all set to test new waters, mainly because it thinks that the 4G market is ripe now and 4G handset penetration has improved as well, making the overall ecosystem feasible enough to invest in 4G/LTE.

While many will question how Ufone is launching 4G with no new spectrum or license, the company claims that it has obtained all the mandatory regulatory approvals to launch 4G/LTE in Pakistan.

This essentially means that the company will be launching 4G services within its currently available spectrum.

We were concerned about the total available spectrum with Ufone as the service quality for 2G and 3G customers could be impacted if Ufone’s limited spectrum is further split up to offer 4G services as well.

When asked, Ufone was confident that with the launch of 4G/LTE, existing GSM customers and their experience won’t be impacted with this technology and they would fully comply with the Network QoS KPIs specified for these services.

Ufone didn’t reveal any investment figures but said that it is committed to the Pakistani market and will continue to invest in the newest technologies including 4G/LTE. “You can appreciate that such a roll-out requires significant investment”, said Ufone.

Ufone claims that it recorded the highest number of data subscribers in October 2018. The company said that this trend provides confidence that with the launch of 4G, it will compete even better in the time to come.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • chawal research 5 g first then talk , research 5g kill towers , 5g millimeter waves its effects on surrounding

    • jitna Marzi Ro Lo 5G nhi Milni itni Jaldi Jitne Khawab hain aaap logo k
      While 3G ee kaafi hai agr Proper Speed aur Coverage ho

      Wesy Aaj to Khoob Red Black White Brown hr Color ki Mirchen lagi hon gi un sab ko Jo Ufone ko
      RIP RIP RIP likhty thy


    • واقعی میں 2019 میں جب 5 جی لانچ ہونے جا رہا ہے اور یو فون 4 جی پر سویچ ہو رہا ہے۔ ایک منٹ کی خاموشی میری طرف سے بھی۔

  • Well it’s seems very outrageous how ufone is going to launch 4G LTE services over its current 2G 3G spectrum. As I recall Ufone 2G spectrum isn’t technology agnosticike telenor and warid. And it’s 3G Spectrum is 5MhZ and there wasn’t any news which suggests it is technology agnostic spectrum or its only 3G. Telenor Jazz zong all purchased seperate 4G spectrum licenses. Having said that if ufone a semi state owned company managed to twist laws in its favor and launches on 2G or 3G spectrum by spectrum or frequency refarming than it’s 2G 3G services will drastically decrease impacting voice qualities as subscribers surge. High 4G speed won’t be able to sustain to mass customers as of Pakistani current market is still 3G handsets 70%

    • How Ufone launched 4G? Let me clear
      2100 MHz band 1 license that Ufone got in 2014 gave Ufone a technology neutral license. Which made Ufone’s all previous 2G spectrum a technology neutral. So they can refarm previous spectrum for 3G and 4G. Just like Zong, Jazz and Telenor has refarmed previous 2G 1800 MHz spectrum for 4G. So if they can refarm 2G spectrum to 3G and 4G why not Ufone?

      Now Question is How Ufone managed its spectrum to launch 4G without compromising 2G/3G.
      Well Ufone’s 50% customers are now on 3G and Ufone has 5 MHz spectrum of 2100 MHz for 3G. For remaining 50% 2G Ufone has 6 MHz of 900 MHz and 7.6 MHz of 1800 MHz which is obviously excess of the demand. So Ufone refarmed 5 MHz of 1800 MHz out of 7.6 MHz for 4G and spare 6 MHz of 900 MHz and 2.6 MHz of 1800 MHz for 2G which is enough. To decrease burden on 3G/2G voice call Ufone can opt for VoLTE.

      But this is a short term plan, UFone will definitely be in need of more spectrum within couple of years because this spectrum will soon exhaust. Don’t know why Ufone launched 4G, to get more spectrum in couple of years or to get handsome sale price in future.

  • Pakistan mein 4G launch krna itna barra kam nhi ha , aj pata chala ha , q k ufone ny b 4G launch kr de ha
    Asli kam ha 4G ke cell sites 15 , 20 hazar kr k tamam logon ko 4G ke coverage dena ha.
    5 ya 700 tower 4G laga k announce kr dia ha inhon ny k 4G aa gai hahaha

    • Ufone Ne 3G Ko 4G Bana K Logo Ko Chona Laga Paise Legi then 5G Laucn Hone K Bad Ufone 4G Ki Speed Kuch Behtar Hogi Q?K Baki Awam 3G Leave Kar Chucki Hogi

    • ufone is pretty bad interms of upgrading even to 3g… they didn’t even bothered about that too.

  • Ufone introduced 3g when the rest of the world moved to 4g… similarly now when China and the west is moving towards 5g , ufone will offer 4g… I am pretty sure they have bought cheap equipment from abroad… this even doesn’t seem to be 4G Advance too so the equipment must be more cheaper too…

  • Ufone introduced 3g when the rest of the world moved to 4g. similarly now when China and the west is moving towards 5g , ufone will offer 4g… I am pretty sure they have bought cheaper equipment from abroad… this even doesn’t seem to be 4G Advance, too so the equipment must be more cheaper too…

  • I do hope the situation doesn’t end up like Jazz… Jazz started offering its 4G in some areas while kept 3G in others… this seriously affected the speed and connectivity when moving to a area with good 4g signals to a area with bad 4g and just 3g signals

  • Two months ago I received sms from ufone of 4G trail, I live in sialkot. And I checked with their 4G and that was better than Jazz 4G. That was 2 months ago.

    • Exam Se Pehly Model Paper Bohat Asan Aur Acha Lagtai
      Exam Quiz Paper Ata hai Tab Pata Chalta hai Ye to Parha He Nahi tha

      That’s is Test Vs Reality (Ufone RIP)

  • What the hell? I ported in to telenor from ufone due to its pathetic call quality, even texting someone was a headache sometime. How will they manage by dividing their spectrum to further 4g?

  • No extra spectrum & no major CAPEX…..only refarming which was already done under 3G…..I guess the experience will be the same as in 3G……new wrapper old toffees….Seems more of a marketing shout…..

  • Desperate move. In short time, they are going to face voice quality issues. They are 4 years behind Zong in this game, one that they shouldn’t have started in the first place without new spectrum.

  • pehly apni service to improve kar len… Isb DHA ma 200kb/sec speed aa rahi…. 3g sy 4g ka tag lagny sy 20mb/sec thori aye gi

  • hahaha,,,,,,,, ufone 3G pkgs worst hn as compare to other network like zong,telenor,,,,,,ufone k 4G k pkg to pta nhi Allah maaf kre kitne mehnge honge?????????????

  • 4g is pants in most places in UK. You guys in Pakistan have a technologically advanced cellular network.

    The 4g speeds in Pakistan are triplequadruple 4g speeds in UK.

  • 4G is more efficient in terms of power consumption. 3G is expensive in terms of power consumption on most mobile decices.

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