Now Even Martin Kobler’s Family Wants Truck Art on Their Bikes!

German Ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler’s love for Pakistani truck art is increasing by the day.

After having his own bicycle painted by a local artist in Rawalpindi, the diplomat has now taken three more to the same shop.

Apparently, his children and sisters loved the vibrant display of colors so much that they wanted to have it done on their bikes as well. The ambassador, who seeks out opportunities to promote the Pakistani culture, has once again tweeted about his love for the truck art.

Kobler exclaimed:

Remember my truck art #Pakistani bicycle? Now my children and sisters also want to have one!!!! Just bought another 3 at “Iqbals sons” shop in #rawalpindi. Who wants to open a truck art bicycle shop in #Germany? Good for export!!!

Following his tweet, his fans have once again started labeling him as the best thing to have happened to Pakistan.

Let’s have a look at some of the best responses to his latest tweet.

Be afraid Dr. Arif Alvi, be very afraid.

He does, indeed.

That is a good offer.

Made-in-Pakistan supporter.

Roles switched?

A question to ponder.

Chaudhary Kobler.

Do it already.

Thank you, Martin!

Will you get your bikes painted with truck art? Let us know in the comments section.

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    • Change your name to Mr. Glass Half Empty!

      This is just a news about someone who likes our culture, nothing else

  • Why havent we given this guy a SitareImtiaz (Pakistan’s highest civilian award). He is more Pakistani than most Pakistanis.

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