CM Buzdar Launches Punjab Education Reforms

The government of Punjab has launched a comprehensive education reform program focusing on three critical areas of learning, access & equity and governance.

The program titled ‘The New Deal 2018-2023’ was launched by Chief Minister Usman Buzdar at a ceremony held in Lahore. The New Deal is a multi-pronged reform agenda to restructure the very idea of public education in the province.

Provincial Education Minister Murad Raas was also present.

In his welcome address, the minister highlighted the problems in the education system of the country at large and underscored the subsequent reforms being taken in Punjab for redressal.

He stated that under The New Deal, Urdu will be the medium of instruction at primary level while English will be taught as a subject. Further, the Compulsory Education Act will also be amended so parents can be held responsible for the schooling of the children, he added.

The Minister stated that the government will revise the teachers’ training modules to meet the changing times. Moreover, like doctors & lawyers, standard accreditation will be introduced for licensing of the teachers.

He concluded that emphasis will be on building a culture of scientific learning and curiosity to help transition students into secondary and higher education with sound technical knowledge and skills.

Speaking at the occasion, the Chief Minister said the New Deal will positively impact the education sector of the province. He added that parents of dropout children will not be able to avail facilities like health card and Benazir Income Support program.

CM Punjab also vowed to enhance the professional capacity of the teachers and said special training programs will be launched for the teachers.

The trained teachers will have a higher paygrade, he added.

In a previous notification, the PTI government in Punjab also barred public school teachers from taking private tuitions.

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