Shake Shake Feature Joins Daraz App’s Repository of Tech Innovations

After launching their teaser campaign for 5 days and attracting a lot of eyeballs in the process, Pakistan’s leading e-commerce company, Daraz has revealed the launch of its latest feature: Shake Shake. The feature joins the Daraz App’s rich repository of technological innovations, currently unmatched in the Pakistani e-commerce segment.

What is Shake Shake?

Shake Shake is the latest and coolest feature being launched on the Daraz App – it is part of the exciting array of innovations that Daraz has introduced to inject more fun in online shopping. Shake Shake allows you to shake your phone at a specific time in the day to win amazing surprise vouchers!

Ehsan Saya, the Managing Director of Daraz Pakistan, is excited for the launch of the new feature and said, “Shake Shake is one of the coolest features we have ever launched. It’s fun, bold, and engaging. We want customers to have a blast while shopping on Daraz!!”

When is Shake Shake Launching?

Shake Shake is set to launch on February 25 with the DarazMall Festival. Customers are set to win vouchers from all the top participating brands, including Maybelline, Mi, Infinix, Levis, Haier, Nestle, Lenovo, Oneplus, Akira, and get even bigger discounts during the DarazMall Festival – all they have to do is shake their phones. Shake Shake will be live three times a day for 15 minutes each. This will be at 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM during the event.

Shake Shake Challenge

To get everybody in the Shake Shake spirit, Daraz has introduced the Shake Shake challenge. To participate, you have to copy the Shake Shake dance move and upload a public video of you doing the move to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube with the hashtag #DarazShakeShakeChallenge. All participants in the challenge stand a chance to win 2 tickets from Gulf Air to any destination of their choice.

  • daraz is fraud. These vouchers are going to be like spend 20k, 30k,50k and save 2k,3k. Plus, they sell overpriced and fake things, they happen to have literally zero quality check of the products they offer.

  • There is the stupid and then there is the absolute insane. Daraz has transitioned above that. First this reminds be of that bitcoin scam wimhich employed similar tactic, 2nd the two and fro motion will upset many and is a vulgar move in society ;D. I cant be any clearer than that.

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