Twitter ‘Exposes’ Indian Air Strike With Hilarious Memes

The debate of Indian attempt to invade Pakistani territory is hot and both the sides are claiming victories.

The Indian government claims to have successfully carried out a surgical strike while the Pakistani armed forces have vehemently denied the claims.

While the Twitterati, both Pakistanis and Indians, are busy glorifying their air forces, most of us are wondering what actually happened early morning. Jeremy McLellan seems to have cracked the code.

Here’s how India invaded Pakistan earlier on Tuesday. He even has video proof (pun intended).

And the responses to his tweet are hilarious.

The Surgical Strike volume 2 is here and the Indians are celebrating the so-called invasion. As if they didn’t get enough memes thrown at them the first time around.

It didn’t go so well, did it?

Another actual footage. The reporting has raised the bar this time around.

Imran Khan would be mad after his Billion Tree Tsunami campaign.

This is gold.

She liked it.

He never does.

Pakistanis are afraid.

Jeremy getting a job offer.

What do you think about the whole Air Strike propaganda? Let us know in the comments section.

Feature Writer

  • you should change the thumbnail image of this post. As its showing plane dropping bombs which is not the fact as we know they ran faster by dropping payload.

  • محافظ شانہ بشانہ اور قوم مثانہ بہ مثانہ سوئی رہی اور وہ اپنا کام کر کے چلے گئے 😂😜😂😜😆

  • Indian youth population is brought up in an environment dangerously contaminated in superiority complex. Occupied people of #Kashmir by bullets, they are gone mad and cannot even differentiate in what is wrong what is right. If you live by bullet you ultimately you will be challenged by bullet and that’s how #Kashmiri react. Resultantly, already charged jingoistic public of India reacts to restore dented superiority syndrome.

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