“Say No to War” is Trending in Both Pakistan and India!

India’s war hysteria led it to invade Pakistani airspace earlier on Wednesday. The uncalled for act of aggression was met with retaliation as Pakistan Air Force struck down two Indian jets earlier today.

While these escalations can lead to a full-scale war, the efforts to promote peace talks are on the rise. The Twitterati have started trending #SayNoToWar in a bid to urge the governments to sort out the matter diplomatically instead of war.

The hashtag is trending in both Pakistan and India, which shows that sanity still prevails among the neighbors.

Earlier on Wednesday, DG ISPR, Major General Asif Ghafoor urged the Indian government to sort out the matter through dialogue. Prime Minister, Imran Khan also offered peace despite soaring tensions between the two nuclear-armed nations.

Let’s have a look at how Twitter is reacting to the recent developments.


War is not the solution.

Who pays the price?

Better sense should prevail.

The Modi-led government needs to stop using anti-Pakistan sentiments for political gains.

Some sense at last.

Enough war rhetoric already.

Quote of the day.

On a lighter note.

A very sensible response to Indian aggression.

The war-mongering Indian anchors played a huge role in escalating the situation.

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