Punjab Health Ministry Issues Dengue Red Alert to 52,000 Schools

The Healthy Ministry has issued red alerts to the heads of 52,000 government schools in Punjab over the increasing number of dengue larvae.

Dengue larvae have been discovered from numerous places in Rawalpindi. The increasing number of viral larvae has raised an alarm at the health department.

The secretary of education has given directions to the heads of schools and deputy commissioners in 36 districts in the province. It has directed the departments to ensure exemplary cleanliness in schools along with destroying the increasing number of dengue larvae.


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The directions also includes spraying the area every day and sending photos to the Ministry of Education through WhatsApp. It has ordered the schools to fix the spots where water gets stagnant.

In case of negligence in the orders’ implementation, strict action shall be taken against the school head under the Punjab Employees Efficiency, Discipline, and Accountability (PEEDA) Act of 2006.

Via: ExpressTribune