Over 10 Million Cars are Being Used in Pakistan: Report

The number of cars in Pakistan has reached 10 million from 7.5 million.

According to a major news publication, as much as 250 thousand cars are being registered every year in Pakistan. These cars are assembled by only three Japanese auto companies.

125,000 small cars are manufactured by one of these Japanese companies, while the other two Japanese companies are assembling the remaining 125,000 cars ranging from 1300CC to 1800CC engine capacities.


Over 115,000 Vehicles Added to Rawalpindi’s Roads in 2017

Moreover, around 75,000 used cars were imported from Japan in 2017-18.

In the current financial year, at least 25,000 cars are projected to be imported due to a significant increase in import duties. Also, experts project a five percent increase in the demand for petroleum products.

Via: Jang

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