US Newspaper Nominates PM Imran Khan for Nobel Peace Prize

A leading US newspaper has included Prime Minister Imran Khan in its ‘starting list’ of world leaders who are worthy to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The publication, The Christian Science Monitor, has placed the premier’s name on its list for de-escalating the tensions between India and Pakistan.

It has also listed South Korean President Moon Jae-in for his efforts to improve ties with North Korea and seeking a peaceful engagement aimed at the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Another name that made the list was of Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, for striking a peace pact with Eritrea and liberating political prisoners.


I’m Not Worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize: PM Imran Khan

Venezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaido, also appeared on the list for bringing about peaceful change in the country.

Discussing Imran Khan’s inclusion in the list, the publication states, “Perhaps the biggest surprise in peaceful leadership – and most critical to the world – is Imran Khan.”

“After a February 14 attack that killed at least 40 Indian soldiers in occupied Kashmir, India launched its first airstrike inside Pakistan since a 1971 war. The two nuclear-capable states were primed for all-out conflict.”

“In a goodwill gesture, Prime Minister Imran Khan returned the Indian pilot who was shot down inside Pakistan. He also offered talks with India. “Nobody wins in a war. Especially countries that have the sort of weapons that India and Pakistan possess should not even think of war…,” he said,” the paper added.

The starting list for the Peace Prize can be reached here.

  • Once again a story picked up from local newspapers and posted online. Read the whole news. In the very same piece they said that the attacks on Pulwama were done by Pakistanis, something which Imran has been denying

  • A big question on the credibility of the newspaper. By the way we also have these type of newpapers which are called Zamima “Shaam ka akhbaar”, those have only unreliable news. ha ha ha Noble prize nomination, what the F***

  • Despite my reservations with ProPak I would compliment to the inclusion of the PM Pakistan for the news coverage. Our PM blessed with the global support, love, and unanimous support for the Peace Award from the Nobel Institute, Oslo.

  • I’m not a fan of any political party but I have to say that now Playboy (pervert & womanizer) will get nominated for noble peace price. Its actually a joke. Noble prizes lost all their credibility just like Oscars.

  • This is preposterous.
    The U.S mediated between India and Pakistan to stop the strikes from both sides. Similarly, the U.S pressurized Pak to release the pilot asap. Subedaar Imran Niazi did nothing but followed orders. Reuters has done complete story on this.

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