DG ISPR Trolls India After Usman Khawaja Humiliates Them at Their Own Home

India has faced embarrassment at multiple fronts after its failed attempts to isolate Pakistan have taken a new turn.

DG ISPR, Major General Asif Ghafoor, has taken trolling to the next level following India’s humiliating defeat in the ODI series at the hands of Australia.


From 2-0 down, the Australian team clinched a sensational 3-2 series victory inspired by none other than the Pakistani born Usman Khawaja. He has scored 2 centuries and a 91 in 3 innings after India paid tribute to their army. Oh, and they lost that game, just like their army (pun intended).

It is worth mentioning that it all started with the Indian team wearing army caps in the third ODI.

Asif Ghafoor has been following Australia’s tour to India closely, especially after the 3rd ODI, making sure he keeps an eye on everything.

Here are his tweets after each match.

3rd ODI

4th ODI

5th ODI

Subtle use of ‘STRIKE’ and ‘CAP’ has made one thing clear. Our army can humble the oppositions on and off the field. After a befitting response on the military front, Asif Ghafoor is taming the Indians with a single tweet and Pakistanis are in love with him all over again.




One thing is for sure that Pakistan is in good hands.

What are your thoughts on DG ISPR’s humor? Let us know in the comments section.

Feature Writer

    • Can’t you see the words in CAPITAL?

      “Very well played yet again #UsmanKhawaja
      Your 100 at excellent STRIKE rate made the difference. You gave excellent performance during last three consecutive ODI contests to CAP the series.”

      He explicitly mentioned “STRIKE” and “CAP”. I hope now you got the point.

  • بھارت کی فوج ہی منھوس ہے بھارت کہ لیۓ ہر میدان میں زلیل کراتی ہے انہیں سواۓ فلموں کہ ???

  • How unbecoming of Paa Ghafoor ???
    While he is the office bearer, he should refrain from such behaviour even in personal capacity.

  • For God Sake, this is not official account of DG ISPR, can’t you see “@peaceforchange” word in twitter name ??? :)

  • What are your thoughts now as Usman Khwaha and co. thrashed and clinched the ODI series. Surely Pakistan is in good hands.

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