More of Facebook’s Shady Deals Surface in New Lawsuit

Facebook is still in a rebound from the data breach issues and the Cambridge Analytica scandal that surfaced in the past few years. On top of that, the news of Facebook facing criminal charges has just come up in a report by The New York Times.

Reports and records from two well-known smartphone makers have been sought. NY Times reports that two people who had the information regarding Facebook’s data deals came forward but have requested anonymity.

The Deal

Facebook has supposedly made deals with these smartphone manufacturers to provide them with personal information of millions of users. This information includes friends, personal information, contacts etc. In most cases, the information was shared without consent.

In one of its statements, Facebook has said that it is cooperating with the government to its fullest and will keep on doing so in the future. It has also phased out most of the partnerships.

The exact details of how and when the charges began and what the jury is focusing on are still unknown. The US Dept of Justice and the Eastern district are quiet about the on-going process.

Before the criminal charges surfaced, Facebook was already under scrutiny by the Federal trade commission and Exchange Commission for sharing non-consented Facebook data to shape people’s point of view about the political state of the country and to help President Trump win the campaign. There are three witnesses to this charge as well and they have also requested anonymity.

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